Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder Review: Worth For Money?

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In this article, I am talking about Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder Review with complete specifications.

Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF is my alltime favorite Laser Rangefinder in the market.

Here I am discussing all features like Accuracy, Range, Magnification, Waterproofing, and other stuff, so you understand more about Zeiss victory PRF rangefinder.

Zeiss company makes great optic products because they have more than 165 years of experience in the optics world.

Also, I am a big fan of Zeiss optics. You always get what you pay for, Zeiss will never disappoint you.

You never go wrong when you purchase Zeiss Optics.

Are you excited about Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder? Let’s dive into the review.

Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder: First Impressions and Overview

Zeiss Victory 8x26 T PRF Rangefinder Review

You will get one a CR2 3v battery, cleaning cloth, one waterproof case, and Zeiss Victory PRF manual along with Zeiss PRF rangefinder.

The Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Laser Rangefinder is a award winning rangefinder from The Outdoor Life Editor’s.

This Laser Rangefinder especially built for Hunters and Shooters with its intelligent rangefinder systems. Also, you can use it for Golf without any problem.

Its works in twilight situations and any weather conditions, the Victory PRF can measure sharply-angled low-colored objects 1.2 Km(1312.34 Yards) away.

They use Laser Class 1M, which means your eye doesn’t hurt if you see in the direct laser beam with your naked eyes, but I don’t recommend you to do this. 

Thanks to the Ballistic Information System features, It provides you the correct distance with ±0.5% accuracy within 600 yards and above it will give you ±1 m.

This innovative software uses the selected ballistics curve, the caliber, and the distance measurement to find the proper correction value.

You can activate or deactivate the BIS with a touch of the ‘SET’ button, as well as selecting the ballistics program is best suited to the trajectory path and choosing between the measurement units. 

When the BIS is activated, you will see the corrected value for the point of impact on the self-illuminating LED display.

The BIS gives you the correct measuring distance very quickly(Around 1.5 sec Measuring Time) and self-confidence for long-range shooting.

Direct access to three functions within the button means you can react quickly at any time. 

Also, you have a choice of either meters/centimeters or yards/inches.

The dual-lens system that provides crystal clear images, and it is an anti-reflective coating, so you get more light transmission.

The Victory PRF features a high-performance, two-element achromat in the 26mm objective lens.

Generally, a filter glass only allows 88% of the transmission, and an anti-reflective coating will allow 98% of that transmission.

Zeiss Victory 8x26 T PRF Rangefinder Review

That means anti-reflection coating on all filter lens, reducing surface reflection to less than 1%.

And it improves the efficiency of the vision system by increasing transmission, enhancing contrast.

So you can use this laser rangefinder on the low light situation on deer-sized targets.

And the LouTec Lens Coatings protect your rangefidner lens from Repels Water, Dirt, Oil, and Grease. Wipe lens clean with no smearing.

The LotuTec coating ensures that rain or snow easily slips off the lens immediately, and dirt can be removed smoothly without a trace.

In this laser rangefinder, they used LED display, but most cheap rangefinders are using LCD, and regularly LED works better than the LCD.

And it has very nicely backlit it not overly shiny at night, that reduces your contrast, LED automatically adjusts to ambient light.

It will provide you optimum performance in every kind of light, even twilight conditions.

Also, wide variations in temperature will not affect the measuring accuracy when used in temperatures between 14° to 122° F(-10° to 50° Celsius).

The high contrast, high resolution, and best image brightness is also a result of the Victory PRF red LED display, which features automatic brightness control to auto-adjust to changing light conditions. 

It comes with a massive 8X magnification, the compact laser rangefinder with its 8x magnification and 26 mm lens produces a bright and clear image even at long distances and low light.

I found it easily replaces the need to carry an extra set of binoculars because this device is the same magnification as the high-end binoculars.

If your hand is a bit Shaky, than don’t worry, here the one-touch principle leads to a reduced in measuring errors caused by movement and shaking.

Zeiss PRF is Rubber Armor that covers the exterior, so it provides additional protection and a no-slip grip in wet or slippery conditions. 

This rangefidner is a bit larger than other rangefinders on the markets. It specially designed to operate with two hands, and it gives you more stability. 

The outside surface is shaped to fit the palm of the hands for endurance.

Another cool thing is you can Twist-up Eyecup according to your comfort, and it provides relaxed viewing with or without sun/eyeglasses. This thing is more useful for eye relief.

Zeiss PRF rangefinder weight just 10.9 ounces (10.93 oz, 310grams, 0.68 Pound), so it’s lightweight and durable.

And it comes with RainGuard, so it is fully waterproof and dustproof, and it’s safe in any weather situation. 

Another cool feature is the rain-snow mode, that will automatically cut through the snow, rain, fog, and provide precise target distance.

Now let’s talk about the Warranty.

They provide you 5 Year Transferable Warranty, and if you purchase through eBay they will give 60-day free returns.

Zeiss stands behind their rangefinder and warrants that products sold will be free from defects in supplies.

If any determined to be faulty, Zeiss will pay for the cost of labor and materials required for the repair. 

So its risk-free and great deals available on the market, Right!  

I can’t express with words how satisfied I am with this product, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality laser rangefinder.

Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder Review With Benefits and Features

If you start shooting or hunting with small targets and it’s quite far away from you in low light conditions and if you want to grab rangefinder that gives you immediately ping it done and fastly measurement and get on with the shooting then this the Zeiss PRF laser Rangefinder I recommend you.

All in all, it is a valuable and worthy piece of equipment, comes in a waterproof bag and it has a multi-position eyecup.

Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder Specifications

Accuracy±1 yard to 600 yards, ±0.5% beyond
Range(Min. & Max.)10 & 1300 Yards
Eye Relief17.5-Millimetre
Laser TypeClass 1 M
Approximately Measuring Time1.5-second
Battery Life2000 Measurement
Weight10.9 Ounce(310 grams)
Waterproof & Dust-proofYes

Ease of use

Zeiss Victory PRF Rangefinder is very user friendly compared to other laser rangefinders.

Just press the upper top button, and you are ready to go. They make very easy optics for hunting, shooting, and golfing.

Accuracy & Range

Accuracy is one of the important features of the Zeiss Victory PRF 8×26 laser rangefinder.

When it comes to accuracy, it is key things for any laser rangefinders, you may agree with me! 

 Zeiss Victory PRF is extremely precise within 600 Yards with almost +/- 0.5% accuracy and higher it measures with +/- 1m accuracy.

Also, it has a massive measuring range, which is a 10-to-1,300-yard measuring range so you can accurately determine targets within 1,300 yards.

Although I found you can find targets above the 1,300 yards, and a programmed sensor adjusts the display’s brightness to modify to ambient lighting conditions for supreme clarity at all times.

Different Modes

Zeiss Victory PRF Laser Rangefinder has intigreted Ballistic Information System.

One of the best features of this high-tech device is its Ballistic Information System that determines the holdover, so that will increase the chances of a perfect shot.

The ballistic information system gives you all the data that you need to correct the holdover point speedily and correctly.

You can also lock in the angle at the same time and make your range adjustment subsequently.

The second one is Continuous Scan mode essential for hunting and golfing.

Press and hold range button for 3 seconds for continuous scan mode, once you release the button it will turn off and reset automatically.

They don’t provide any additional modes like Pinseeker, JOLT, Club Selector, and PinHunter for golfing.


As I mention, it comes with an outstanding 8x magnification along with a massive field of view that’s perfect for golfing, hunting, and shooting.

Even in poor light conditions just because of self-illuminated LED display for very crystal clear images, including 17.5mm Eye Relief.

Durable & Lightweight

The durability of Zeiss Victory Rangefinder is extraordinary compared to the cheapest laser rangefinder. It is a metal companion, despite its lightweight.

It will come with a waterproof bag, so use always for outdoor activities. And it’s protected from simple scratches and falls.

Also, it has only 310grams(10.9 ounces), so it’s lightweight, and you also carry in your pocket or bag. 

Battery Life

As same as other laser rangefinders it has a 3Volt CR2 battery. And you measurement distance up to 2,000 times with one single fully charged battery.

The Zeiss PRF laser rangefinder any model does not come with a rechargeable battery.


The bright LED with a red indicator provides you exponential viewing experiance, and it has a perfect reticle for spotting.

Zeiss Victory 8x26 T PRF Rangefinder Review

Also, I prefer red indicators compared to Black because you rarely target red color in terrain, so it’s easy to see them on display.


The Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF provides you a 5-years warranty for any defects and faulty. 

You can easily replace your damaged rangefidner via Amazon or any other online store.

Do I Recommend Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder?

Yes, This is what you’re looking for, you making a mistake buying something cheaper trying to save a buck. 

This laser rangefinder is very simple and easy to use, which provides you a BSI system, 8x magnification, bright LED display(work on any conditions), and other benefits and features that make this rangefinder trustworthy and value for money.


Where Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder is made?

The Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder is made in JAPAN.

Can I use a rechargeable cr2 battery?

Zeiss suggests you only use quality CR2-3V Lithium battery. So don’t take a risk by using other CR2 Watts.

Dose Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder have Slope?

No, it doesn’t have a slope.

Does Zeiss Victory 8×26 T PRF Rangefinder have Continuous Scan mode?

Yes, you can activate using the top button just by pressing 3 seconds.

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