Wild Game Innovations Harlo XRT Rangefinder

It is very small and light and the accuracy it delivers is impressive. It is very comfortable to use and the lenses are of good quality. This rangefinder is easy to use as well as to carry. As much as it is fairly a good rangefinder, the fact that you have to manually adjust focus makes it a bit difficult in capturing movements. It also has a limitation due to its use of a black font on the LCD display. This makes it so hard for some users to read measurements.

Wild Game Innovations Harlo XRT Rangefinder


It is very accurate in measuring distance. It measures a range of up to 500 yards. The accuracy is +-1 yard. 


The lenses are fully-coated which contributes to its durability as well as great, bright images. 

Overall performance

A distance of 500 yards is good enough for a rangefinder. It maintains a habit of producing accurate measurements as well as calculations. It might not have numerous modes for its operation but it works perfectly in its simple form.

Measurement range

It measures a maximum distance of 500 yards. When used in line with its maximum yardage, its accuracy is on point. 

Tips on how to get the best out of it

  • It performs so well when it comes to visibility when operated in bright areas than in low light areas.
  • It performs well if you focus more on stationary targets than moving targets.

Power Source

The rangefinder uses CR2 batteries that are easy to find. The Harlo xrt does not automatically switch off. You need to manually switch it off when it’s not in use to save power. 


It is very light in weight and secures a firm grip as it is made up of non-slip rubber grip panels. It sits so well in one’s hand as it is neither heavy nor slippery.

Ease of use

It is very easy to use. The package consists of a cover and a wrist sling that makes it very easy to carry. It is very straightforward which makes it easy to operate. It is not made up of complicated technology which makes it simple. It gives you an option of choosing units. You can either use yards or meters and that is not time consuming. It is faster and the way it uses a continuous scan mode just by a single press of a button allows you to range multiple targets in seconds. 

You can actually focus and zoom using the eye-piece. It has one button which is used for power and range finding. It has a continuous scan mode which displays multiple targets in motion. If you want a measurement, all you have to do once is to press the button and release. When you want to activate the scan mode button, you only press and hold. That is how simple it is to operate.


It has an anti-fog coating which makes the device resistant from fog. The lenses are fully-coated which prevents them from bumps and little scratches.


  • Perfect for short distance hunting
  • It is small
  • It has a scan mode that works continuously


  • In areas with low light, it is hardly visible
  • You might need to take several readings for accurate results
  • You cannot manually adjust the focus with the eye-piece
  • It uses a black font on the LCD display

Despite the fact that it does not have a vast range of modes and features, I can still rate it to 4.7 because it manages to achieve accuracy. It proves that simple is not less. Its maximum yardage is good and the lens is impressive. Although it is not fog proof, it is waterproof which makes it survive for quite a long time.

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