What Is A Laser Rangefinder? Full Guide In 2020

In this article, I gonna talk about what is a Laser Rangefinder and who use a laser rangefinder and also, I described in simple words so you get a better understanding.

If you are here then probably you are willing to buy the best laser rangefinder for golf or hunting.

But before you buying laser rangefinder you need to know what is a laser rangefinder and who can use it.

Now, let’s jump into the full details about laser rangefinder so you can quite familiar with the laser rangefinder.

What Is A Laser Rangefinder?

In simple words, Laser Rangefinder is a mathematical tool that measures the distance between you and your targets with the help of laser beam technology. The laser beam passes through the air and hit the mark and come back and show you how far you are from the objective. In this case, the required time and traveled range divided by two is your distance that you want to measure.

Applications Of Laser Rangefinder

Generally, the laser rangefinder is used for multiple purposes like in Military, Forestry, Golfing, Hunting, Sniper Shooting, and some others.

The ideal goal is, measuring the distance between you and the target and some laser rangefinder comes with all features so you don’t need to buy differently.


The military uses special types of a laser rangefinder for perfect accuracy or detect the objects. They can also be used for army surveillance and engineering.

These types of special laser rangefinder measures 2 km up to 25 km range its build including monoculars or binoculars.

when laser rangefinder comes with a digital magnetic compass inclinometer it is able of giving magnetic azimuth, slope, and height of objectives.

Some laser rangefinder capable of measuring a target’s speed and transfer their measurement data to different devices like control computers.

Also, some rangefinder extends the potentiality to do add-on night vision modules, these kinds of rangefinder operating by rechargeable batteries.


Some people are using laser rangefinder for Forestry for tree height measuring and other stuff.

For this purpose, the laser rangefinder works with reflector and it has anti-leaf filters.

The laser ray reflects only from this reflector and so accurate distance measurement is ensured and these are used for forest inventories.


The majority of people are using laser rangefinder for golfing to improve their swings and shots.

If you are in a game of golf you know distance is very important than the others.

Most rangefinder brands make their laser rangefinder for golfing and hunting.

You can use a laser rangefinder as yard measurement in golf. Morden laser rangefinder comes with a slope technology and other feature which is a game-changer.

Many rangefinders from Bushnell come with excellent features, such as ARC, multi-distance ability, slope, JOLT (Vibrate when the target is locked), and Pin-seeking.

Normally, Golf laser rangefinder is cheaper than the military and forestry rangefinder.

The reason is a range, you don’t need 25km for golf and hunting, you agree with me, right.

Here’s I wrote an article about the best golf laser rangefinder under $200. Now, what are you waiting for? find the best deals on laser rangefinder for your golf.


In hunting, you can use a laser rangefinder for the Angle of elevation and distance measurement for long shots.

Several hunters near the east united state they don’t need a rangefinder, although many western hunters need a laser rangefinder, for long-range shooting and more open locations.

Sniper Shooting

Sniper shooting is one of the my favorite.

If the sniper scope doesn’t come with a rangefinder then you should have an external laser rangefinder for measuring the distance between you and targets.

You can use hunting laser rangefinder for sniper shooting because hunting rangefinder comes with a long-range, some of which have 1000 to 1200 yards.

Laser Rangefinder Accuracy

Generally, the expensive rangefinder is highly accurate compare to the cheaper one. Obviously, right.

The best laser rangefinder measuring distance with +/- 1 yard and it regularly for golfing and hunting.

But if you are using for Military and Foresty then you should have complete accurate laser rangefinder, from an expert point of view.

What is a Price of Laser Rangefinder?

The price depends on the purpose of the rangefinder, for example, Golf, Forestry, and Hunting laser rangefinder cost around $80 to $500 and for a Military, it cost around $50 to $200.

Also, the price depends on the accuracy of the laser rangefinder and the advanced features that provides.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you are understood what is a laser rangefinder and what is used to be. Therefore, if you like what you read then make sure to share this article on your social media and with friends. Still, if you have any doubts then mention on comment box, I am glad to answer you.

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