Vortex 1300 Rangefinder

A Vortex 1300 Rangefinder is considered to be an accurate, adjustable utility which is easy to use and has an uncluttered display. When you take a look at it, it looks simple and quite handy to the extent that you can hang it around your neck and move with it. The display is very clean and clear and the scan mode continues to give updates in such a manner that you will not miss any useful data. The Vortex 1300 Rangefinder is compatible with a tripod adapter and comes with a utility clip , lanyard, portable carry case and a CR2 battery. 

Vortex 1300 Rangefinder


How accurate is this rangefinder

The accuracy is +/-3 yards at 1000 yards. This allows the rangefinder to provide enough data for accurate shots. It has a special feature that displays an angle-compensated distance reading which is known as the Horizontal Component Distance. The anti reflective lens coatings are very important as they provide brighter views. This helps hunters in finding more spots and other signs of game. The line of sight mode helps in displaying the actual line of sight range which makes the rangefinder so accurate that it cannot miss the actual target.  


The lenses are fully multi-coated which makes them deliver optimal light transition and O-rings seal the Vortex 1300 Rangefinder for waterproof performance ( https://broncos.co.nz/vortex-optics/p/vortex-ranger-1300-rangefinder). As a hunter you can set your rangefinder at your own preferred spot for a perfect shot. The lenses have a diameter of 22mm. The lenses are user-friendly as they do not strain eyes. You can use the rangefinder for longer hours and you cannot have any feeling of tiredness in your eyes. 

Overall performance

The continuous scan mode it comes with displays continual distance readings when panning across a landscape or  tracking a moving animal. You do not have to run around tracking a target but rather you stand still, take a look at the target and track it in a perfect way. Accurate shots are guaranteed due to the angle-compensated ranging technology which continues to give critical data. 

Measurement range

The distance measured by the rangefinder is 9-1300yd/8 to 1188m and deer: 9 to 600yd/8 to 548m. It measures the distance of objects from 10 to 1189 meters. The measuring time is 1 seconds.


It is easy to use with a clean display and highly intuitive menu. You can even install a battery with a positive side facing outwards. 

Power Source

It comes with a CR2 battery. The battery is easily replaceable. It is easy to find. It has a constant in-view battery status display. After every 10 seconds of zero activity it switches off automatically to save power.


It comes with a fold-down rubber eyecup for comfortable use with or without eye wear. It is very light in weight and quite handy. It perfectly fits in the hand and has an adjustable utility clip mounted to the body. You can clip the unit to a belt, pocket or any other flat-edged surface for easy access. The clip can be mounted on both sides and can be removed if you no longer need it. It has an easy pack which you can hang around your neck using the included lanyard. The protective rubber armor with textured palm pads for a slip-resistant grip makes it handy and comfortable to use. The compact 3.9×3 design is easy to hold and use one hand. The brightness can be adjusted as well which makes it convenient for the eyes. 

How complicated is it to use

Most people might underrate the power of the Vortex 1300 Rangefinder due to its simplicity. However, it keeps everything simple but delivers a high level of performance. It is easy to operate by using the two buttons on top of the unit.


  • Great optics compact-wise
  • Accurate and fast to read the yardage
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack
  • Adjustable utility clip
  • Uncluttered display
  • Highly intuitive menu
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Good size
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Clear picture
  • Vortex warranty
  • Exterior rubber coating


  • Illuminated red crosshairs are hard to see in bright light conditions
  • Heavy snow presents ranging failures 

I recommend the use of the Vortex 1300 Rangefinder because its accuracy is way above the least expectations of a rangefinder. The way it produces clear pictures in dark areas is exceptional. Accuracy, speed and weight are the most important features. They cannot be compromised when you are looking for a rangefinder and the way this rangefinder executes these is exceptional. Yet, it might not be ideal in areas with too much darkness because it might be very difficult to spot and range your target. Chances are high that it will be too dark to take an ethical shot. 

I would rate it to 4.3. It is ideal for gun hunters, target shooters and bow hunters. It gives the hunters and shooters the distance data needed to make perfect shots.

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