Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Review: It Best Under $100?

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This article is all about Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Review, so here I am discussing the features and benefits of this Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder.

Having a laser rangefinder on an activity like golfing, hunting, long-range shooting, it provides you more adventure and confidence in the course and field.

So in this review, you find this rangefinder is great for your golf, hunting, or some other activities like shooting or archery something like that.

Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Review: My Opinion and Overview

Visionking 6x25 Rangefinder Review

Difficult to find budget and best laser rangefidner for golf and hunting at the end of the day, especially if you don’t know about laser rangefidner or lack of knowledge on technical things.

There are tons of laser rangefinders available on the market, but most of pretty expensive.

But here I found Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder that serves you golf and hunting by just investing less than 100 bucks, and it’s an entry-level rangefinder.

You might be thinking, is Visionking 6×25 rangefinder provides accurate distance and other features that are essential for golf and hunting at a low price.

You will get Visionking 6×25 rangefinder, including carrying pouch, one CR2-3V battery, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and quick-start manual guide out of the box.

The accuracy is the first thing that we want to check into any laser rangefinder.

If your measuring redding is not correct, then maybe you don’t perform your best in golf and hunting.

That will reduce your self-confidence as well.

This laser rangefidner probably not disappoint you in terms of accuracy and range, just because it uses Pinsensor technology.

Pinsensor Technology provides fast measurement with 1-yard precision, which means it will calculate the distance with +/- 1 m accuracy.

And Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder measuring range up to 15 m to 600 m with 6X magnification.

I noticed it provide accurate data up to 575 yards, and above this distance, it may give inaccurate data, so try to measure distance within 575m.

This rangefinder has come with 6X magnification with LCD panel, well here I am not saying it better than Bushnell or Zeiss just because they provide 7 and 8 times magnification.

Here you can enjoy four amazing different modes in this laser rangefinder for multi-purposes.

Because they know if you are golfer than chances are you maybe hunter or shooter. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but they are providing modes for both golf and hunting.

The first mode is the Normal Mode here that gives higher priority to measure plane objects like buildings, trees something similar that.

Apart from this, this is the fastest way to obtain measure distance by using Normal Mode just because it measures the distance without any hard functions.

The second one is Golf Mode, in this mode that will major priority to the measurement of the golf flag or any others that suitable for golfing.

So make sure this mode is activated when you are playing golf.

Here it will not provide continuous scan mode for multiple object distance analysis if you are an amateur golfer than it will save you many rounds.

The third one is Hunting Mode, and it provides more priority to the measurement of animals and any suitable for hunting.

Hunting and Golf mode is perfect for measuring golf flags, hazards, and wooded areas. But I noticed it give you sometimes different readings each time if there are small objects between your measuring range, such as branches or leaves.

If there is a tree behind, then it may not show accurate data just because of a lack of limitation in technology.

Also, Visionking knows rain is a significant factor in golfing or hunting to stop your game immediately.

For this, they provide another Mode, which is Rain Mode with Raingurd protection that is applicable when used in raining, enhance the stability of measuring.

So there is no chance to stop your golf game of hunting even in rainy or foggy climates, it has a waterproof body.

Also, it is an automatic shut down after 10 seconds unattended, so it saves your battery life as possible for a long time of period.

Now let’s talk about portability and weight, so you know more about Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder.

It has a small size and fits the hand well also you can carry in your pocket and golf bag as well as. Also, it’s come with a strap if you want to hang it on a golf bag or neck or hunting coat.

The weight of this laser rangefinder is 250grams(8.82 ounces), so yeah, its Lightweight and Portable compared to the expensive rangefinder.

Now, let’s talk about durability, this laser rangefinder covered by Solid Plastics material, so it’s durability was not good. But it survives on simple scratches and falls.

Try to carry with carrying pouch when you are to going for hunting or Golfing as well. It will protect from rain and scratches in any condition.

This laser rangefinder comes in many colors and patterns like CAMOUFLAGEDARK GRAY, and PUCE so you can select based on your choice.

I am not proving you this is the best laser rangefinder, I know it is cheap but when you have a tight budget or no choice than it is enough for golf, hunting, archery, and possibly casual shooting. 

So what are you waiting for?, get the best deal on Amazon for this rangefinder, here’s the link of direct

Visionking Rangefinder Review: Benefits and Specifications

Here I am discussing the benefits and specifications of this rangefinder like Accuracy, Range, Different Modes, waterproofing, warranty, and some others.

Visionking Rangefinder Specifications

Accuracy+/- 1 m
DisplayLCD Indicator
Measurement Range15 m to 650 m
Eye-relief12 mm
Weight250 grams(8.8 ounce)
ColorsCAMOUFLAGE, Dark Gray, and PUCE

Accuracy & Range

As I mention, the range of this laser rangefinder is 600 meters, and it measures the distance with +/- 1-meter accuracy, but it precise in the short distances that will less than 500 yards. 

Different Modes

You can see here four different modes on Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder, Normal Mode, Golf Mode, Hunting Mode, and Rain Mode so you can perform in any activities based on your choice.

Magnification & View

visionking 6x25 laser rangefinder review

Here you get 6X magnification on this laser rangefinder with Bright LCD indicator display that will provide a clear view of any object around you on any circumstances.


Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder is waterproof in any condition but not in heavy rain. Also, it has a rain mode and comes with rain guard protection. 


Here’s the bad news, in Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder. Also, they do not provide warranty and guarantee via, Visionking not mention on description of this rangefinder at

Also, they do not provide any Technical Support via eMail like others.

Do I Recommend Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder?

Yes, I recommend if you have a low budget or no other choice on any Rangefinders, then you can go with this laser rangefinder, it has many features that will help you in golf and hunting. I hope you are enjoying this Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Review, also, don’t forget to share on social media.

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