Tacklife MLR01 900 Yard Laser Rangefinder Review

Are you planning to buy a Tacklife MLR01 laser rangefinder? Before you buy, you need to know about this laser rangefinder.

So I explained every single detail about Tacklife rangefinder in this Tacklife mlr01 900 yard laser rangefinder review.

In this review, you will find everything regarding the accuracy, range, several modes, warranty, battery life, is it legal for a tournament or not, it is waterproof or not, and so on.

I am sure at the end of the article you will make a better decision on this Tacklife laser rangefinder, whether it worth buying for golf, hunting, bowhunting, shooting, archery, or not.

Tacklife MLR01 900 yard Laser Rangefinder Review: First Impression & Overview

Tacklife established in 2015 with the help of 10 people they all are enthusiasts in electronics and aiming products, they are new in the optics product compared to the other brands. 

Now I am going to explain every single specification in detail step by step, so it’s easy for you to understand all features and benefits of Tacklife laser rangefinder.

Accuracy & Range

Tachlife laser rangefinder is less costly compared to some other brands like Bushnell, Nikon, TecTecTec they are trying to provide many features at an affordable price, and they did it.

Techlife promises you to measures up to 900 yards with +/- 1 yard in full spotlight conditions, which means is you can not leverage maximum benefits in dim light.

And 900 yards more than sufficient for golf and hunting, but if you are a long-range shooter, then I did not recommend this rangefinder.

If you are late evening hunter or golfer, then this may disappoint you in some weather conditions, but it is not deal-breaking.

Just because at the same price of other laser rangefidner come in 5 or 6 times magnification, and here Tachlife provides you 7X magnification.

I noticed that it would take more time on long-range distances as compared to a short-range, it takes time for 4 to 8 seconds on 0-130 yards, and beyond 130 yards, it takes even more seconds.

If you want to measure distance very fast and accurately, then I would not recommend this laser rangefinder for golf and hunting.

Here I inform you to Tacklife is not accurate as they advertise, there is no doubt it gives you many modes at this price tag. 

Many laser rangefinders are not providing Flag-log mode for golf at a low price. Now let’s dive into the different Modes, and also I discuss how to use and operate them.

Different Modes

Having a multi-mode in laser rangefinder that will provide you versatility uses for different purposes in many games.

Once you press the Power button, you will see a host of icons when you are using the first time. After a bit of use, you familiar with it quickly. 

For that, Tecklife MLR01 laser rangefinder comes in four different modes for multi-uses.

All of the modes are easy to use, and it can be changed easily, now let’s discuss what exactly they(Modes) are provide functionality for the better game experience.

The first mode is RANGE Mode, which will allow you to measure general distance, angle, and height measuring. 

Also, it can be able to straight-line distance, horizontal & vertical height scaling by using trigonometric functions. Many other rangefinders are not providing these features.

If you are a golfer, then you love this mode just because it gives you accurate yardage along with slope, which improves your golf at the next level.

So it’s not legal for a tournament if you are using Range mode during competitions.

The second mode is SPEED Mode, that able to measure the speed of any moving object, which could be anything like animals(deer, rabbits), Bike, or Cars.

And it able to measure up to 300Km/h within +/- 5Km/h, but I am sure who wants to know how fastest deer is running. This mode is completely useless if you are a golfer.

The third one is Scan Mode, which is something useful for golfers and hunters. In golf, sometimes you need to know how far you are from hazards(water, trees, bunkers).

For that, all you need to do is active scan mode and aim what you want to measure in a row. So it will save much time instead of a specific measurement.

The last one is PIN Mode, or you can say it Flag-lock. This mode is worth it if you are planning to purchase only for golf.

This mode gives speed up in the golf game because it designed for measuring flagsticks, and it provides a fast range measurement compared to Range mode.

For active this mode, all you need to do is follow this sequence press power button, then push the mode button again mode button and hold.

When holding the power button reticle back then release button, and you get the distance.

But sometimes it takes time it takes more time to lock on the flag just because of a small screen and reticle or any other issues. 

I found that if there are trees behind the flagstick, then this rangefinder not able to focus on a flagpole, and if locks, then it shows inaccurate reading.

This problem happens with cheap laser rangefinder often, so be always aware of these kinds of issues.

The default setting of distance is a meter, so if you don’t want reading in a meter, then press the “MODE” button, and it will change into yards.


Magnification is key to the Tacklife laser rangefinder, many expensive laser rangefinder brands compromised in magnification.

In most of the cases, expensive laser rangefinder builds with 5 or 6 times magnification even in the mid-range price.

But here, Tacklife MLR01 provides you 7X magnification with crystal clear image quality and works best in optimum conditions.

Also, you can measure thru glass or a windshield, so it has very powerful magnification.

Nowadays, 7X magnification essential for clear & top-notch images in log range measurement. Also, hunters facing even more dense background in the forest.


If you are not able to read measuring data correctly in front of your screen, then you may not be performing well on any activities just because of poor readability.

Here you can see how the display looks like in this illustration.

It also, disappoint you with any these kind of laser rangefinder, but Tacklife MLR01 provide you best readable LCD screen, apart from this small black reticle easily visible in daylight condition.

Also, it has 7X magnification, so you always get crystal clear images in the optimum environment.

I would like to something add here this laser rangefinder is not for pro golfers and hunters. If you are a seasonal hunter or golfer, then you can consider it.


Waterproofing devices are excellent for any situation, no matter where you are in a forest in heavy rain.

Tacklife MLR01 900 yard laser rangefinder has a water-resistant body, so it’s 100% waterproof for any heavy raining, but it is splash-proof, not rainproof.

Also, it comes in a protective pouch so you can preserve it from a bit of rain and snow.

Battery Life

Tacklife MLR01 laser rangefinder build with non-removable battery, which means you can recharge after battery drain.

It has a 750mah lithium rechargeable battery using a USB cable and is capable of an 18-hole round golf game. Also, you can estimate for hunting.

Durable & Lightweight

It is only 187g(6.6 Ounces or 0.41 Pounds) weighing. The entire body covered by plastic materials, so it seems cheap, but it is a bit durable and lightweight.

If your rangefinder dropped in the dirt, rocks at a short height, then it works fine in most cases. But do not take a risk if you want to use longer.

Many golfers and hunters facing a problem of shaky hands, if you are one of them, then don’t worry.

Shaky hands cause of inaccurate readings. For that, Tacklife MLR01 rangefinder provides you a 1/4-inch TRIPOD mounting thread.

So, it will reduce the risk of inaccuracy. Also, it will a useful function when seeking to measure long distances.

Many expensive laser rangefinders are not providing a tripod for stability. It comes with a wrist lanyard and a long-lasting pouch for portability.


Tacklife MLR01 laser rangefinder will provide you a 2-year warranty, so it’s the risk-free deal to buy this one.

In case you have any queries about this laser rangefinder, then don’t waver to contact the Tacklife support team.

They will help you any time when you email them. Also, if your rangefinder has any deficiency then they will replace your rangefidner directly.

Do I Recommend Tacklife MLR01 900 Yard Laser Rangefinder?

Yes, if you have a low budget to spend on laser rangefinder or if you are a new buyer of a rangefinder and want to enhance your sports experience with it, then definitely you consider Tacklife MLR01 900 Yard Laser rangefinder for primary measuring device.

Here’s the direct link of Tacklife MLR01 900 Yard Laser rangefinder, check the latest price of this laser rangefinder now.

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