Sig Kilo Rangefinder

Whenever a final distance measurement is given, it is a result of an evaluation of a cluster of measurements. The Sig Kilo rangefinder uses that type of software which does not give inaccurate measurements. It is quite precise and unbiased in giving measurements.


A Sig Kilo rangefinder is well known for its scan mode which is way faster than the standard Scan mode. The credit goes to the Lightwave Digital Signal Processing engine. It is an advanced technique which gives out the fastest scan mode ever in rangefinders It does not only give us a faster scan mode but it is also the longest distance rangefinder engine. This is the reason why we have the advanced Sig Kilo 3000BDX Laser rangefinder and the Sig Kilo 2400.

 The Sig Kilo 3000BDX Laser rangefinder ranges up to 3200yards, magnifies up to 10 times, has long eye relief, is water-resistant and has a range response time of 0.25 seconds. There is no doubt that this is one of the best long-range rangefinders. The Sig Kilo 2400 is considered to be a five-star rangefinder. The Scan mode has a Hyper scan technology, the target speed is way above the best, the sensor, reticle, selective modes and sensor ability are just impressive. As much as you may have old model Sig Kilo rangefinders, the current advanced rangefinders are way better than the standard model.


Inaccurate readings sometimes cannot be avoided due to numerous different distance measurements that you might get the moment you press the range button. In order to eliminate the range uncertainty, the Sig Kilo rangefinder uses the AMR (Ange Modified Range) ranging technology for precision distancing. The Angle Modified Range works on the angles and modifies the effective ballistic shooting range to the target.


The lens creates bright and clear images. It is coated with a material that prevents the reflection from the user as well as too much reflection on the target. They control and deliver light transmission in an impressive way. It illuminates the whole area so that it becomes clear. The Sig Kilo rangefinder is rarely poor in low light areas. It has a high brightness level which is not affected by the dark. Its strength lies in the ability to maintain its visibility in different light conditions. 

Measurement range

Distance is measured in both yards and meters. Sig Kilo has both long and short-range rangefinders. 

Tips on how to get the best out of it

Make sure when you are using the rangefinder, the condition of the device as well as the surface area is ideal for a perfect shot.  

You never go wrong if you target large and reflective targets.

Power Source

It uses a CR2 lithium battery. The battery icon is always displayed on the LCD. After ten seconds of inactivity, the device automatically switches off. The range button can also switch the device on if you keep pressing it.


Having a small rangefinder is what every rangefinder inventor tries to maintain and even improve. A Sig Kilo rangefinder is quite handy. It comes with a lanyard which makes it handy as you can put it around your neck or wrist.

Ease of use

It might have one or two buttons of operation. Just by a single press of the button, you have activated the range mode. A Sig Kilo rangefinder is not complicated to use. It comes with a straightforward manual which is so easy to use.

Another important aspect which should not be ignored is the focus. The importance of focus has never been neglected by Sig Kilo. It has this special technique of diopter adjustment. It revolves around focus adjustment of the eyecup. In order for the display to bring sharp focus, the diopter should be turned either way till you are satisfied. 


  • Maximum accuracy
  • Faster
  • Selective distance modes 
  • Multiple profiles
  • Lightwave DSP Technology
  • Customizable reticle
  • It has a wind meter
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustability
  • Ease of use
  • Includes a case, lanyard and a battery in the package
  • Effective and efficient


  • Some users do not prefer a black reticle

On a scale of five, I give it a 4.9. Although a black reticle has attracted a few dislikes, it remains a great device. The way it delivers clear images delivers measurements quickly and its small size still attracts a great number of users.

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