7 Different Rangefinder Uses: You Should Know Before Buying

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If you are willing to know rangefinder uses, then you are in the right place.

The rangefinder used to be multi-purpose and several fields. Here I am going to explain all uses with complete information.

Most advanced rangefinders use laser technology to provide accurate range measurements. 

Exactly what are all the most different applications for using a rangefinder? If you have a rangefinder, you can use it for varied uses. 

Read this full guide over here to learn how to get the best use of your rangefinder.

Here are 7 Different Rangefinder Uses

  • Military and Defence 
  • Golf
  • Hunting
  • Sniper Shooting
  • Forestry
  • Racing
  • Bird-watching

Military and Defence 

If you are thinking a laser rangefinder is only used for golf and hunting, you are wrong.

In the military, you need to always focused on your enemies and borderline. So for that, you need a device that can show you how far you are from enemies and what is their locations.

Here, a laser rangefinder is a useful tool for the military and defense system. All governments provide the latest and advanced laser rangefinder for their army and military.

Generally, military laser rangefinders have more range compared to normal golf and hunting rangefinders. Just because of long-distance calculations and target spot.


Golf is my favorite game in the world, by the way, do you play golf? let me know in the comment section.

If you are in the golf then you understand how distance accuracy is very important for professional players. And they don’t wanna lose any swings and shots based on a particular distance.

Here’s a golf laser rangefinder that will help them in every situation and weather without any problem. If you are a bignner in golf and want to pro become quick I would highly recommend a golf laser rangefinder.


Nowadays, hunters have widely used laser rangefinder for spotting prey and how far you are from prey.

In the hunt, let’s suppose you are standing behind the tree with your bow or Rifle and you hit the prey, suddenly you realize prey is moving far away from you.

In these circumstances, basically your mistake is the wrong presumption about prey location, so what you need do is, understand the exact location and distance of prey with the help of hunting laser rangefinder.

If you don’t want to go home without prey you have to use hunting laser rangefinder with proper practices.

Sniper Shooting

Another great application of laser rangefinder is in Sniper Shooting. You can use it for long-range target measurement.

Generally, Snipers are made for long-range shooting like more than 1000 Yards, so for perfect aiming, you need to laser rangefidner as an apprentice.

although many advanced rifles scopes are available with rangefinding technology, so you can measure the distance without any extra laser rangefinder.


In forestry, laser rangefinder works great for the forest men, in terms of safety, survival, and etc.

Forest men always work with wild animals, trees, Primitive humans, and many others so they need a powerful distance measurement tool for safety and survival.

Many superior laser rangefinders work when the target is behind the trees and any other medium, so it helps you from deadly animals like leopard and others.


Car racing is very entertaining for car lovers including me, here many of you want to know what is car speed right now. For that, you need a laser rangefinder which shows you car speed on your display.

There are many golf laser rangefidner comes with different modes including speed mode, so you don’t need to pay extra for the speed mode rangefidner.


In the market, many binoculars are available for bird watching also, you can use laser rangefinder for that work just because of a higher range and extreme magnification.

So these are all uses of a laser rangefinder, I hope you have complete knowledge of Rangefinder Uses. Share, if you like this article and if any doubt then let me know in the comment section.

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