Precision NX7 Pro Rangefinder Review

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Are you looking for a Precision Pro NX7 laser rangefinder review? 

If so, In this article, I am going to reveal all expect of Precision NX7 laser rangefinder.

You will find a step-by-step & in-depth review of a Precision NX7 Pro laser rangefinder.

And I am excited to share with you what I found on this Precision NX7 Pro laser rangefinder.

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So without wasting time, let’s dive into a Precision NX7 Pro review.

Precision NX7 Pro Rangefinder Review: First Impressions

One thing I love about Precision NX7 Pro is to serve you exclusive features at an affordable price range.

If you ever use an expensive laser rangefinder, then you probably familiar with JOLT, TAG, and some other features.

These exclusive features will help a lot in the golf game, especially if you are a beginner or trying to improve your golfing.

The cool thing is Precision Pro NX7 Pro comes in the advanced feature at a cheap price tag.

Here’s what you will get out of the box when you are buying via Amazon or their website.

  1. One NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder
  2. Premium Hard Carrying Case
  3. CR2-3V Battery(Pre-Installed)
  4. Instruction Manual(A Start Quick Guide)
  5. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  6. Lanyard
  7. Free Battery Replacement(For Lifetime)

Most of the rangefinder companies don’t provide lifetime battery replacement.

If you buy NX7 Pro laser rangefinder, you get access to their Precision Care Package.

I get into shortly on this topic, so stay tuned for how to apply for battery replacement online & what is a care package.

Now I discuss step-by-step about Accuracy, Range, Optics Quality, Different Modes, Readability, Durable, etc.

So you are more familiar with Precision Pro NX7 Pro laser rangefinder, Right!

These all above things are essential in the best laser rangefinder, so you always consider it.

Accuracy & Range

When it comes to Accuracy, you always need to check first on any laser rangefinder.

Accuracy is VITAl in laser rangefinders. There is nothing worse than your inaccurate rangefinder.

If you are serious about golf, then you should consider an accurate laser rangefinder in your golf bag.

This Precision Pro NX7 Pro laser rangefinder finds distance with 1/10-yard measurements.

And in some cases, it measures within 1 & 2-yard Accuracy depends on the weather conditions.

The maximum range of Precision NX7 Pro is 400 yards, so no more guesswork.

You can leverage up to 400 yards with it on the entire golf course, no matter where you are aiming.

One thing I noticed that it did not work correctly when something behind the flagstick like trees.

Also, It didn’t lock on Yellow color flags. This problem happens with many other golfers.

One another drawback is it’s not able to detect a flag that is blowing in the heavy breeze and sometimes in low light besides no wind.

However, this problem happens sometimes with expensive laser rangefinders in these situations.

So be aware of these kinds of issues, all in all, it perfect for its accurate laser rangefinder.

And you can shave strokes off your a golf game is by having a Precision NX7 Pro Rangefinder.

Finding the distance between you and green it will help you to choose the perfect club every time.

The is the main benefit of a Precision NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder is the Accuracy at a cheap price range.

As I mention, it comes with many exclusive modes and features, so let’s dive into this.

Different Modes

Precision NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder has a Slope mode, Flag lock mode, and last Jolt tech.

Slope adjusted distance will help you to find the exact yardage between you and green.

Once you know the yards, it will help you to choose perfect iron based on the distance.

The slope mode used ADAPTIVE SLOPE TECHNOLOGY, which means it ensures you to provide accurate results.

Although, the slope function can turn off to use in tournament play.

Also, it has a multi-distance mode, which provides you two different measurements (Meter/Yard).

You can activate by hold mode button for 2 seconds, and it will change distance into meter/yards.

If you are the first time user of a laser rangefinder, then Flag lock mode will help you lot at the beginning.

If you are one of those, then turn it one Flag-lock mode that will lock automatically.

Also, JOLT mode(when you locked on to the flag it will vibrate) give haptic feedback when you locked on to a flag.

But sometimes this feature may slow down laser rangefinder and take more seconds to lock it.

Many other golfers have noticed this problem on a Precision NX7 Pro laser rangefinder.

My recommendation is if you want to measure yardage as fastest than turn it off Pulse Vibration.

Optics Quality & Readability

The Precision NX7 Pro laser rangefinder comes with 6X magnification with crystal clear optics.

Nowadays, above 6X magnification makes it easy to detect any object in low bright conditions.

It has an LCD panel along with black digits, so it’s sometimes hard to read on dark background.

Many expensive laser rangefinders build with an illuminated LED screen that easy to use even in low light.

You get what you paid, right! So they do not provide a bright LED display.

Compared to other cheap laser rangefinders, it has a great display with massive 6X magnification.

Also, it has more field of view Bushnell V3, so you get more visual information about the course.

It has an Adjustable Eyepiece that means you can easily twist based on your distance for a clear view.

Durability & Lightweight

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder multi-layered plastics on the outer surface, so it seems weak, but it’s not.

It has only 0.55 Pounds(245 grams), so it’s lightweight and compact.

You can also carry on your pocket while you walk around a golf course.

As I mention, it comes with a lanyard so you can hang it with a golf bag and cart that make it easy to transport.

If your hand is shaky when you are aiming to object, then don’t worry, it will measure the distance correctly.

It has a protective carrying pouch that will protect from rain, scratches, downfalls. 

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro is a lightest and durable laser rangefinder at a reasonable price.


The Precision Pro NX7 Pro laser rangefinder was built to withstand the rain.

So no matter what is weather statuses you can play in the less-than-ideal conditions.

You don’t need a clumsy rubber cover. So you can use it in heavy rain sometimes.

It is a waterproof laser rangefinder, but it does not mean that you can use it underwater.

Use always carrying pouch for outdoor performances so you can handle it for future proof.

Battery Life

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro operates with CR2 3 volt battery, which is not rechargeable.

This CR2 3v battery does not as effective others, which they sent. I recommended making use of a premium brand battery.

You need to change after battery drain, but they include free battery replacement in their Precision Care Package.

What is the Precision Care Package?

Precision Care Package is a premium service for their customer who purchased any Precision Pro laser rangefinder.

That includes many exclusive services, here’s the full list.

  • 90-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Battery Replacement
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Guaranteed Trade-in Allowance
  • Fast Turnaround, No-Cost Replacement
  • Best Practice Product Videos
  • Customers Call Service

It’s proof that the company cares as much about you after the purchase as before it.

You can find more details about the Precision Care Package by clicking here.

But how do you free replace the battery? It’s simple, just fill the form on their site. 

Here’s the direct link of the form: Free Lifetime Battery Replacement

So it’s a risk-free deal to buy a Precision Pro NX7 Pro laser rangefinder.

If you don’t like or find any defect on your rangefinder, then claim refund or product replacement. 

No matter wherever place you buy from but I suggest purchases from Amazon.