Nikon Prostaff 7 Rangefinder

The Nikon ID technology makes the Nikon Prostaff 7 rangefinder unique. It is very small in size and has a big exit pupil enough for the eyes to have a clear view. It is very easy to use as it is one button operational. Below is an evaluation of the rangefinder.


Nikon Prostaff 7 Rangefinder

It magnifies up to six times which is good enough for clear viewing. Considering the maximum distance it ranges, 6X magnification will be perfect for any target in the range. It is as accurate in low light conditions as it is in brighter areas. The optics are also great which reduces the chances of missing shots. It has a long eye relief feature which reduces the chances of straining the eye. The exit pupil is big enough for viewing the target. 

Measurement range

It ranges from 5 to 600 yards which is long enough to dedicated short distance rangefinders. However, it is not really bad in terms of its maximum distance. Its accuracy is +/- 1 yard in a range of 600 yards.

Tips on how to get the best out of it

You need to focus more on short distances for precision

Power Source

It comes with a CR2 lithium battery and it automatically switches off after eight seconds of inactivity.


It is very small to the extent that it can fit in your shirt’s pockets.

Ease of use

How it functions

The ID Technology comprises the Horizontal Distance display mode and the Actual Distance display [Nikon]. You can easily switch into any of these whenever it suits what you want at that moment. Most users do not really know the actual difference between the horizontal and the actual distance. When you are on the same level with your target, the distance that is between you and your target is the actual distance. 

When you are on an elevated surface and your target is still on the same position, that is now the horizontal distance. The horizontal distance is a bit longer as you are in an elevated area than your target. You may choose to target from any of these positions depending on what works for you. It is best known for its high transmission of light, easy-to-view eyepiece and the longer eye relief. All this works for brighter and clear images. 

You can either switch to the Distant Target Priority Mode or the First Target Priority Mode depending on what you are doing. For close range or golf, I advise you to switch to the First Target Priority Mode which pays more attention to the closest target ignoring the background.

The Distant Target Priority Mode pays attention to background objects or distant objects. It is ideal for long-range hunting. You are given the chance to scan continuously if you press the power button for eight seconds. In this case, you do not have to worry about moving targets and you do not have to move from your shooting position.


It is waterproof but cannot be used underwater. The battery chamber is also waterproof. It has a rubberized exterior which is non-slippery. The fact that it can withstand harsh weather makes it durable enough.


  • ID Technology
  • Distant Target Priority Mode
  • First Target Priority Mode
  • Continuous Scan mode
  • LED illumination
  • Diopter Adjustment feature
  • Waterproof
  • Long eye relief
  • Single button operation


  • The range is lower than other rangefinders

Although the Nikon ProStaff 7 rangefinder has a lower range than other rangefinders, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Its performance is good. I recommend hunters to go for this rangefinder. I give it a rating of 4.8.

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