Nikon Monarch vs Prostaff

Are you stuck between a Nikon monarch vs Prostaff? Both suit different hunting situations. In this regard, you need to consider the following aspects to get the one which suits your needs. You need to look at various aspects that either affect or makes your hunting experience successful and satisfactory. The eye-relief on both devices is of much importance. Visuals, scope adjustments, magnification, build quality and size. Below is an evaluation of the difference between these two and which one is better than the other. 

In a Hurry

If you want to make a quick decision, the Nikon monarch offers more and the best functions for a dedicated hunter. They both perform well but Nikon monarch is an advanced Prostaff. The way in which it fights any weather condition is a guarantee that you are going to have it for a longer period.


Nikon monarch

Nikon Monarch 5 Binocular

It is resistant to water, fog and shock. It is so flexible that it can be mounted on any rifle. This is due to the fact that it reacts well to recoil. It needs to be well secured so that it can be secure in the scope rings. The lens can be adjusted well especially when the position of the target appears to differ when viewed from different positions. It usually happens when your aim is not through the centre of the scope. This feature might not be really necessary when you are up for shorter shots. It brings in better adjustments as it provides a strong locking mechanism to avoid change during recoil. You do not have to re-sight or reposition the entire scope of your target changes position. You only have to reset the turrets to zero. Nikon monarch offers protective lens caps but of poor quality and they do not stay in place.


Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 8x42

The image quality it offers is great. It is clear and it is not easily affected by the weather. It can hardly show you blurred images. It allows for proper visibility in low light situations. This is what you should greatly consider when choosing the best scope. It makes it easier for you to match your rifle to its settings thereby reducing the chances of missed shots. You do not need any additional devices for adjustments as it is another feature of the Prostaff scope. Greater accuracy is guaranteed due to the variable magnification offered by Prostaff. However, it might be too high for close-range shooting. 

Technical specifications

Quality of the glass

The Monarch uses premium extra-low dispersion glass that gives a clearer image. With the addition of coated prisms, the overall image contrast and resolution are even sharper. The Prostaff comes with a 1inch tube. The Nikon monarch is known for its excellence in the optics world. As much as Prostaff optics are of high-quality design, Nikon monarch optics have extremely clear lenses and are quite durable. It is destined to offer a higher quality piece of optics although the Prostaff offers a better quality image. 

Eye relief

Eye relief is the distance one has to hold the shooting eye from the lens of a scope. It can be straining or relieving. The more inches the eye relief is, the more your eyes are protected from strain. Both models offer sufficient eye relief. When it comes to eye relief standards, the Prostaff is way better as it offers a 3.7 to 4 inch which is an advantage to those who wear glasses. The eye relief is so adequate that most rifles work properly. The Nikon monarch ranged from 3.4 to 3.6 inches which is not much of a big difference although one might just opt for the biggest. If you have eye-sight problems, the Prostaff will be ideal to use.

Field of View and Adjustments

The windage and elevation adjustments offer more range on the Monarch series due to the larger tube size. This means that the Prostaff is less efficient when it comes to the scanning of moving targets. Both have the same zoom size but a different field of view.   


There is not much of a difference in weight between the two devices but that little difference matters. Both are lightweight devices. However, the Prostaff is a bit heavier than the Nikon monarch. Who would want to add a few ounces when you are busy hunting? One can only do that when the chosen device has a lot more important features and functions to consider. 


They are both waterproof which makes them durable. The manner in which they react to harsh weather might not be the same but the difference cannot be notable. Nikon monarch offers protective lens caps but of poor quality and they do not stay in place. They are not durable but they are better available than not having them at all.


  • Use a 4× zoom ratio for broad magnification changes that allow shoots to quickly transition between close, medium and long range performance.
  • Both models are waterproof, shock and fog proof. 
  • Use quick focus eyepieces that make it easy to focus the optic and get the target very quickly.


  • Optical clarity
  • The Nikon monarch give the user 6 different options for reticles whereas the Prostaff has only 4 options
  • The Monarch series is a better low light performer whereas the Prostaff is a bit poor in low light environments
  • Price tag
  • The Nikon monarch can be used for tactical applications whereas the Prostaff can be used for birding and sightseeing
  • The Nikon monarch is made for hardcore hunters and offer a wider field of view

What can be the best use of both devices?

The Prostaff is designed in a way which is suitable for casual hunting expeditions whereas the Nikon monarch is ideal for serious hunting expeditions. Due to the fact that the Nikon monarch is made to withstand any harsh weather condition, it is quite clear that only serious hunters can consider having one. Serious hunters can decide to go for hunting during the rains as well as winter. 

They do not mind at all as their key goal is to shoot down targets successfully. Their satisfaction only comes after a successful hunt hence they cannot risk a scope which is easily affected by the rains, heat or snow. The fact that both devices are made of high-quality material, it means that they are as good as better scopes for hunting. Both can be perfectly used for hunting but the Nikon monarch succeeds in being the toughest and best against harsh weather conditions. 

Which device is better than the other?

Considering the fact that these two are almost similar but differ in optical quality, it remains quite clear that the Nikon monarch is better than the Prostaff as it brings a clearer and sharper picture. The Nikon monarch stays longer due to the fact that no weather condition can destroy it for a longer period of time. It remains a better scope for dedicated hunters who hunt through thick and thin.

The Prostaff is good but the Nikon monarch is excellent. The 1-inch tube it has is the standard but it cannot compete with the larger tube combination with the ED glass on the Nikon monarch. A Nikon monarch remains the best tool for serious hunters. When we talk about a Nikon monarch, we are talking about great optics and a giant scope that any hunter can move around within the woods.

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