Nikon Black Force 1000 Review

It is a bit different from other rangefinders as it has the 1x magnification setting and the 4x magnification for different purposes. It is a good rangefinder characterized by great optics, adjustable, flexible and accurate.

Of course, each and every rangefinder has its advantages and disadvantages which I am going to explore below, but the Nikon Black force is quite a standard device which offers exceptional performance. It has a lifetime warranty and water resistance which guarantees you of a good quality rangefinder of a lifetime.

Nikon Black Force 1000


Maximum reaction-speed is offered by the rangefinder as it is initiated by the glass-etched speed force. It makes sure that there is a balance between speed and accuracy. Its ability to balance speed and accuracy is achieved by using both 1X and 4X magnification.


It has multi-coated lenses that are very clear and give the user adequate lighting. It is bright enough to show a clear and unbiased image of the target. The eye relief is quite impressive. The brightness is adjustable as there is a knob provided on the unit. 

Measurement range

It measures up to 1,000 yards and the accuracy is -+1 yard. It provides angle adjustment readings and gives out quick precise readings.

Tips on how to get the best out of it

  • It can be best executed when the user is kneeling, taking a prone position and a bench rest.
  • A distance of 50 t0 150 yards will be very accurate

Power Source

It used the CR22032 battery. After an hour of inactivity, it automatically switches off. The new speed force reticle sustains the rangefinder for some time if the batteries fail to supply enough power. 


It is neither big nor heavy for a comfortable device. You can easily place it on your hand because it is flexible.

Ease of use

You can actually have both eyes open when you are centering the target on a close range. You can as well switch from one target to the other and switch to distant targets. For continuous hits, it uses the BDC sub tensions. The way the turrets are manipulated is amazing. Several clicks can be facilitated at the same time to move targets, displaying all the targets at the same time. 


It has metal-capped turrets that guarantee durability. The material used to make the rangefinder is the aluminium alloy which is quite durable. The aircraft-grade alloy is considered to be the best material for scopes. This guarantees and assures the user of a durable rangefinder made up of high-quality material. It is also fog proof as well as waterproof.


  • Glass etched with reticle
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Anti-reflective multi-layer protective glass coating
  • Fast handling and quick shots
  • Easy turrets
  • Nikon offers a lifetime warranty


  • The brightness of the reticle is not that bright

I recommend the Nikon Black Force 100 to be used on semi-automatic guns and long-distance shooters. Considering the clear and bright optics it comes with and the accurate ranging, this rangefinder might just be the perfect tool for a successful and satisfactory experience.

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