Nikon arrow ID 5000 Rangefinder

The Nikon arrow ID 5000 rangefinder creates a perfect balance between performance and budget. It has a black LCD, two buttons, 21mm lens, an eye relief of 18.3mm, CR2 battery, carrying case, a strap and a piece of cloth for cleaning the lens.

This is the first impression you get when you hold it. It then comes with great functions that give you a perfect shot and a successful hunting experience. The include angle compensation, distance target mode, battery icon, multi-coated objective lens, long eye relief feature and the True-Target Priority System.

Nikon arrow ID 5000 Rangefinder


This model magnifies your area as much as 6 times and you can hardly miss a shot. The multi-coated lens gives you a clear picture of your target, the distance and your angle.

Overall performance

You can easily scan the landscape, pick targets quickly and range small targets if you manage to utilize the long eye relief, True-Target Priority system, single-button control as well as the continuous scan mode. 

Measurement range

It measures up to 600yards which is not long enough for long-distance hunters. It can display the increments of up to 0.1 yard and gives continuous measurements of distance for up to 8 seconds. 

Power Source

It uses a CR2 battery. It lasts longer and it is always available[Source]. After a few seconds of inactivity, it automatically shuts down. 


It comes with a carrying case and a strap which makes it easy to carry. It is small and lightweight. You can easily carry it with less effort. It is quite stable and can fit in your bag or pockets.

Ease of use

You can use it with one hand due to its size. Just by pressing a single button, you get the distance of either a stationary target or a moving target.

How it functions

It has the True-Target Technology that gives the hunter an option of choosing two separate ranges depending on the situation. The distant target priority mode that it offers gives the hunter an opportunity to shoot a target that is very far amongst multiple targets. The first target priority also allows you to get the range of the smallest target at a  certain distance. 

The accuracy given by using the ID Technology allows you to be confident enough to take a shot. No matter how difficult it is to find a certain angle, you will eventually get the right one. It has an uncluttered black LCD which is simple to understand and quick to watch. The battery icon advises you how much power you have used and how much you are left with. This gives you enough room to gauge the needed time and power to complete your mission.


You are covered with a warranty of two years just in case you encounter a problem. It is both fog proof and waterproof. It is rubber armoured which makes it quite durable against bumps and falls.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to grip
  • Angle compensation
  • Accurate
  • Comes with a carrying case, strap and a microfiber cloth
  • Continuous Distance measurements
  • Single button operation
  • Compact size
  • True-Target Technology
  • ID Technology
  • Non-cluttering LCD
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Objective lens
  • Long eye relief 


  • Limited to short distances
  • The 6x magnification does not allow you to have more knowledge about your surrounding

I do recommend the Nikon arrow id 5000 rangefinders as a good tool for hunting. It is ideal for bowhunters who hunt down from tree stands. The 600 yards appears to be too short for hunters who use rifles.

Long-distance hunters can have a problem with a 600-yard rangefinder. It can be best categorized as a rangefinder for short distance bow hunters. I give it a rating of 4.3.

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