How To Use A Golf Rangefinder: Definitive Rookie Guide 2020

First of all, unbox your golf rangefinder box if you already did then follow my guide on how to use a golf rangefinder step by step. In this article, I sharing the easiest guide to start your golf rangefinder.

There are so many laser rangefinders in the market, all of them are working on the same principle.

You have a brand new golf laser rangefinder but don’t know about how to use the proper way, then you lose benefits of the laser rangefinder.

But before I jump into how to use a rangefinder you need to know how does a golf rangefinder work. Right!

How does a golf rangefinder work?

The golf rangefinder works on laser technology. when you aim at the flagstick or your target, then a laser beam goes through the air and hit the target and come back at a certain time. The golf rangefinder measuring distance on how its take time to come and shows the yardage on your screen.

Every rangefinder has a two-button one is a mode button and the second one is power button.

Now if you want to start a golf rangefinder than simply press the power button and now ready to go for finding distance.

Just point the golf rangefinder on a Flag-stick or whatever you want to measure the distance.

This process takes time depends on your rangefinder, if you have a low cost or cheap golf rangefinder than it may take 2 to 5 seconds.

But the High performances golf rangefinder shows you reading on your display under 1 second or millisecond.

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder: Step by Step

  • Turn on your golf laser rangefinder by pressing the power button which is the upper side of rangefinder.
  • Now hold the power button until you focused on the flag-stick, then release the power button.
  • Finally, Finally, you see your measuring reading on the display. This measurement is yard or meter depends on what you choose.

Now, if your golf rangefinder has a continuous scan mode than you will able to measuring multiple targets at the same time on your screen like trees and bunker etc.

Here’s how to do.

Press and hold the power button to activate the scan mode, the display will continuously update as your range multiple targets you measured.

how to use a golf rangefinder

How to use a golf rangefinder with a slope

If your golf rangefinder support slope MODE then congratulations you can leverage actual benefits of a laser rangefinder.

This mode shows you the slope adjusted distance from you and green or flagstick.

how to use a golf rangefinder

For activation, click the mode button and press the until you show slope in display now, you ready to go.

Also, it depends on the rangefinder to a rangefinder for slope mode but normally, it’s done by mode button.

In my opinion, please don’t depend only on the slope mode because you do not use slope mode on the Tournament according to USGA.

Keep practice on the golf rangefinder you will become a pro one day.

Don’t do with the golf laser rangefinder

  • Do not stare or watch into the laser beam. If you stare into the laser beam continually you could burn a hole in your eye. The power from a laser pointer beamed into the eye can be more damaging than staring directly into the sun.
  • Never aim at sun with the golf rangefinder directly. Eyes and other pieces can be forever damaged if you do this.
  • Don’t give a golf rangefinder your son for playing because it’s not a toy.

How to clean rangefinder

  • If you playing golf at fog, drizzle, or dust regions then chances are you need to clean up an optic lens every day.
  • If you are purchasing a good quality rangefinder then it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloths.
  • Now if you don’t have then get it here. Because compared to cotton, a microfiber cloth is highly absorbent. It collects dust or water-drop and effectively removes them from your lens, making it easier to keep it clean.

Final Thought

I hope this article will help you to use a golf rangefinder and also, you know how to prevent dust and other particles. Still, if you have doubts about how to use a golf rangefinder then feel free to write your question on the comment box I happy to answer you.

Also, don’t forget to share this article on social media and your golf buddy who struggling to get perfect swing.

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