How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder In 2020?

Golf Rangefinder most popular on the golf course in the past several years.

If you are a beginner in golfing or hunting and want to buy a golf rangefinder then you may think about how to choose the best golf rangefinder.

Being a first-time buyer, you might be worried about which golf rangefinder is best at affordable prices. Let me help you in finding the best golf rangefinder to improve your golfing.

If you are looking for a rangefinder then you probably know about the benefits of golf rangefinder, how it improves your game to the next level.

So in this article, I will describe everything about golf rangefinders and that really guides you to choose the best golf rangefinder for golfing and other outdoor activity.

In general, in rangefinder, you need to focus on primary features like Accuracy, Range, Different Modes, Durability, View & clarity, Waterproofing, Lightweight, and last but not least warranty.

Therefore, I consider the above factors in this comprehensive guide upon how to choose golf rangefinder.

Here are some features that you should keep in mind if you are going to purchase a golf rangefinder.

  • Accuracy & Range
  • Different Modes
  • Durability
  • View & Magnification
  • Waterproofing
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Money-back & Warranty

Accuracy & Range

How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder

When it comes to the rangefinder, accuracy is one of the key things that you will consider on each rangefinder.

Normally, rangefinder measures the distance with ±1 accuracy it is common for all the rangefinders non of giving you 100% results, you agree with me. Right!

If you buy cheap golf rangefinder than this ratio may increase compared to the expensive rangefinder.

Also, check the maximum and minimum range of the golf rangefinder, ideally, this range is 10 to 600 yards with +/1-yard accuracy which is more than enough for golfing.

And it not the same for all rangefinders because they set this range on the cost.

The maximum range means a particular rangefinder shows you distance readings up to the maximum range.

For example, if your rangefinder maximum range is 500 yards so you can not measure 550 or above yardage. Only you can see the flag but don’t shows you the distance.

As same in the minimum range. For example, if the minimum range is 10 then you can not measures 5 or 8 yards.

So try to go with a little bit more high-priced because you are one time to invest your money and also, it has more benefits than the cheaper one.


The latest golf rangefinder produced with impressive technologies like JOLT Tech, Pinhunter, Pin seeker, and ESP.

If your golf rangefinder comes with JOLT tech then it provides haptic feedback on the flag-lock so it’s useful features for a new golfer or rangefinder users.

So check always, this functionality is on your rangefinder before buying a golf rangefinder.

This is an indication that the golf rangefinder will be quite accurate in its performance.

Different Modes

Usually, the golf rangefinder comes with 4 different modes like General mode, slope mode, Vertical mode and the last one is speed mode.

If your golf rangefinder doesn’t slope mode, then your rangefinder is legal for the tournament you might know.

The first one is general mode is only intended for measuring the actual distance and another kind of stuff like birdwatching etc.

The second is slope mode which is specially invented for the golfer who struggling to measure actual distance fore the pin or green.

In this mode, you will get slope-adjusted distances. what that means you can find the actual distance between golfer and flag it will help you to which Iron you need to use for a perfect golf shot.

How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder

Mostly, when you play golf in a new golf course than hard to understand, how far you are from the Green or Pin.

So, in this case, you need a high-quality golf rangefinder that will give you the perfect distance from the Pin and Green. And whatever you want to know as bunkers, trees and hazards object with slope.

The third mode is Vertical mode which is built for vertical and horizontal distance measurements.

This mode helps you especially if you are a play second stroke on a horizontal or vertical surface.

The last one is Speed mode which is used for speed measurement. Like in polo game horse speed, car racing, and other activities.

Normally, people don’t use this mode because most of the rangefinder users are golfers and hunters so it doesn’t help you any kind of.

So these four are various modes in a golf rangefinder for different purposes.

You can use the first three for improving your golfing or hunting. If you have still any doubts? then fill free to write on the comment box, I am glad to answer you.

View & Magnification

Magnification is another important factor in golf rangefinder because you need to see a clear view of Flagstick.

Normally, golf rangefinders come with 5, 6, and 7X magnification its provides great visibility and objects.

How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder

My recommendation is to go with the above 5X Magnification.

And also, the Display is one of the noteworthy parts because if your golf rangefinder screen is not good then it stops working after a few months.

Typically, the golf rangefinder comes with LCD digital display and High-performing so it more than enough for seeing flagstick on any climatic conditions.


Generally, we all like things and products that are super durable because we want to use them for a long period of time.

In golf rangefinder case, most of made by plastics and other materials so it’s quite durable for normal falls and scratches.

Obviously, you don’t play with golf rangefinders like toys so its hard to get scratches on a rangefinder.

If you go with an expensive golf rangefinder then chance are you get alloy or metal rangefinder that is very durable, but more weight compares to the normal.

Lightweight & Compact

Some golfer walks around the golf course when playing. For this purpose, they should have a lightweight rangefinder.

The benefits of lightweight rangefinder are easy to carry and transportable.

Generally, Golf rangefinder weight is around 185 to 453 grams and it varies from a rangefinder to rangefinder.

453 grams rangefinder don’t fill good on hand, right. Even our smartphones weight only 140g to170g.

But nevertheless, if you want high performing golf rangefinder then you have to comfortable with it.

For example, one of the Bushnell golf rangefinder model weight is 450 grams around which is best performing golf rangefinder in terms of accuracy, technology, and so on.

Battery Life

The battery is a key portion for all electronics, every electronic item run by the batteries and power.

In golf rangefinder, they come up with two types of batteries rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

Mostly, the golf rangefinder performs with CR2 batteries which are non-rechargeable and easily available on stores and shops.

Rarely, golf rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery that you can charge with using USB cables.

If we talk in about CR2 battery life span so it also depends on your uses like how many times you use on one round.

Commonly, CR2 battery performs well for 1 year and many golf rangefinders come with Two CR2 battery so you can replace them any time.

Even batteries perform well, you should consider taking a golf rangefinder that must have sufficient battery life so that you can play more extra shots without having to trouble about charging.


If you are playing golf or live in a region where rainfall is quite common hence, you require a waterproof golf rangefinder.

So do check when you buy a golf rangefinder because not every rangefinder comes with waterproof technology.

You need to analyses the description of the selective golf rangefinder that you want to purchase.

Keep in mind, all the golf rangefinder who come with waterproof is not means you can use it in underwater or heavy rain because its not 100% waterproof.

All of them come waterproof case and cover which protects your rangefinder from dust, scratches, and water.

Warranty & Technical support

Everything is good but if the product does not come with a warranty or guaranty it means a specific brand doesn’t care about its customers.

If you going through my guide you probably know about how to choose the best golf rangefinder and you know about every feature.

Still, you face any problem or issues on your golf rangefinder then necessary to contact technical support and get request them to solve your query via email or other stuff.

Most golf rangefinder brands offer a 30-day money-back and refund all cash which is sufficient to choose the best golf rangefinder.

But what after 30-day? Most rangefinder company provides you 2 years warranty and technical support. Even full replacement of rangefinder ‘sounds good‘.


If you are a beginner on the golfing and looking for a golf rangefinder, then I recommended going with a cheap or affordable golf rangefinder, if money is your barrier or you don’t want to spend a lot on a rangefinder.

I wrote an article about the 5 Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200 and 6 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $100 so you can find for your golfing, hunting, and outdoor activity.

Can a hunting rangefinder be used for golf?

So if you love hunting then chances are you need a laser rangefinder for hunt.
There are many laser rangefinders in the market who specially designed for Hunting.

But you don’t want to spend more money on especially hunting rangefinder than try to buy laser rangefinder that comes with above 600 Yards range. Apart from that, which supports JOLT functionality.

So yes, your laser rangefinder range is more than 600 Yards than you can use it for hunting without any difficulties.

Final Thoughts

So these are important factors and features that you should consider when you buying a golf rangefinder.

There is no doubt, it will help you to improve your golfing to the next level.

Still, if you have any queries about how to choose the best golf rangefinder then let me know in the comment box I will help you to as quickly.

Also, don’t forget to share this amazing article about how to choose the best golf rangefinder on social media that will help new golfers like you.


Is a golf rangefinder worth it?

Absolutely yes, a rangefinder is a tool that measures distance whatever you want and it’s far better than GPS. There is no way to find distance without a rangefinder.

Do I need a rangefinder for golf?

Yes, if you want to improve your golfing and hunting then you should have a rangefinder.

Are slope rangefinders worth it?

Yes, Slope rangefinder gives you the actual distance between you and Flagstick and Pin so it is more accurate than without slope mode.

What should I look for when buying a rangefinder?

Here is some major factor that you always keep in mind when you purchasing golf rangefinder.
1.Accuracy and Range
2.Different modes
4.Lightweight and Portable
5.Warranty and Tech support

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