Halo xl450 Laser Rangefinder

The Halo xl450 laser rangefinder is a light device which has an accuracy of +/-1 yard. It weighs 5 ounces which is very light. Although it does not come with a case, it comes with a wrist strap and a CR2 battery. It is quite reliable and it meets most of the necessary requirements of bowhunting and target shooting. Below is an assessment of the device as I examine how it works, its performance, features, pros and cons.

Halo xl450 Laser Rangefinder


It performs in dual mode. The standard mode and scan mode. With a single push of the button, the standard mode is activated. Its function is to give only a single distance reading. It does not compromise its accuracy as the whole process depends on it. Then the scan mode ranges multiple targets, unlike the standard mode. The slope is then compensated by the angle of intelligence.


The display is black in colour and it might affect the visibility of measurements in low light conditions and some information that appears on the display. However, it is very easy to read on the LCD. It only has one viewing tube which is adjustable. The 6X magnification and the scan mode guarantees continuous ranging. 

The Halo xl450 laser rangefinder is made up of different features that complement each other. For a perfect shot, one needs accurate distance measurements that are given and calculated by different modes listed above.

Measurement range

It measures up to 450 yards and has an accuracy of -/+1 yard. The Halo xl450 laser rangefinder is known for its impressive close distance ranging power. You have the liberty to choose if you want the measurements in yards or meters. The scan mode allows the user to range several targets quickly. By so doing you do not have to reactivate the laser for each and every target. You only activate once. It also utilizes the angle intelligence technology which analyses the nature of the hunting ground and if there are difficulties, it quickly solves them for an accurate hit. 

Tips on how to get the best out of it

  • It is very accurate when it comes to bigger targets
  • For better results, I advise users to use it more during the day

Power Source

The automatic shutdown feature allows the user to save power. After 20 seconds of inactivity, the device automatically switches off itself. It functions with a CR2 lithium-ion battery. The battery status is always displayed so that you do not run out of power unknowingly. 


It is one of the most comfortable rangefinders which has ease of use. This is an ideal device of hunters who have to walk several miles in their hunting expeditions. The housing is not heavy but rather light and comes with a perfect grip so that you easily handle the rangefinder. It is also durable as it can withstand any weather condition.

Ease of use

It is easy to use and setup. It is made up of angle compensation, scan mode and auto acquisition optics. The auto acquisition feature allows the user to achieve accurate readings quickly. It only has one button which is easy to use and fast.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Scan mode
  • Auto acquisition optics
  • Automatic shut-down which saves power
  • 6X magnification
  • Angle intelligence technology


  • Large aiming box on the reticle seems to be of no value to the users
  • It does not have the auto-focus

I recommend bowhunters and target shooters to use this rangefinder as well as rifle hunters. Hunters who do not intend to go as far as 450 yards may not really need this rangefinder.

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