Halo 5 Hunter Rangefinder: Is it all that?

The Halo 5 Hunter is ideal for rifle hunters and long-range target shooters. The simple button configuration gives the user the exact range within +/- 1yard up to 1,600 yards. The scan mode is quite exceptional due to the way it locks in many targets at different yardages. Angle intelligence is superb as it calculates the true horizontal distance to the target at any elevation. It is classified as 6× magnification. It has the best estimating ranges and offers the simplest operating system. 

It has premium glass lenses. Premium lenses are customized to your eyes and offer a wider viewing area. Premium glass lenses work with small frames. Unfortunately those who wear glasses find it difficult to work with a Halo 5 Hunter.

Measurement range 

The angle intelligence that comes with  the Halo 5 Hunter calculates true horizontal distance to target at any elevation. It is advisable to use the rangefinder on short distance range. It is fast on Bow and 22 long rifle shooters. It has the much needed scan feature. For low lighting conditions you may need to tilt the device towards a brighter background.

Power source

It comes with a CR2 battery. When the device becomes idle for 20 seconds it automatically switches off which saves power. The battery is so popular to the extent that it can be easily replaced. However, the brightness on display is very low. It may be a hindrance to accurate readings. Even when the battery is new, the battery is very dim.


It has a non-slip grip which makes it secure and easy to carry. It provides comfort and ease of use for the handler.   

Is it complicated to use?

The Halo 5 Hunter is an easy to operate device. It has a simple button configuration which gives you the exact range within +/- yard up to 1, 600 yards. You only have to press the button once instead of two times like the Nikon. It is very easy to operate unlike other complex rangefinders. It gives corrected readings which makes it even simpler to use. Even if you do not shut it down, it automatically switches off itself after 20 seconds of inactivity just like the Leupold Marksman 1000 rangefinder.


  • Impressive accuracy
  • Simple button configuration 
  • Auto-acquisition
  • Angle intelligence
  • Water resistant 
  • Non-slip grip
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use 
  • Continuous scan mode
  • Comfortable
  • Premium glass lenses
  • Best estimating ranges
  • Right eye relief to eyeglass wearers


  • Not ideal for long range shooting
  • Cheap feeling
  • Hard to fit inside pockets
  • Does not auto-focus
  • Very small reading
  • Aiming box might be hard to see at dusk
  • Might be straining to users who wear glasses
  • Dim display

I would highly recommend the Halo 5 Hunter to rifle hunters and long-range target shooters. It may not be ideal for hunters who wear glasses, for low lighting conditions and it performs bad at dusk. I would not rate it as a 5 star but rather 3.7. There are more disadvantages that come with the Halo 5 Hunter although it has more advantages. 

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