Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide: Complete Explanation In 2020

One of the most effective ways beginner golfers can change their golf game is to invest in a golf laser rangefinder device.

Here I discuss Laser rangefinder, not a GPS rangefinder. This useful Golf Rangefinder buying guide will clear all doubts and help you to get the best golf rangefinder.

Because of the laser rangefinder is more trustworthy than GPS Rangefinder. In terms of accuracy, ease of use, and so on.

Also, I do not recommend a GPS rangefinder, especially for hunting.

If you use a Laser Rangefinder, then you leverage many benefits of a laser rangefinder compared to GPS rangefinder.

So, you are planning to buy the laser rangefinder for golfing or maybe hunting.

But before we jump into the Golf Rangefinder buying guide, first, you need to clear this thing.

Are Golf Rangefinders Worth It?

If you are here, then chances are you know the uses of laser rangefinder in golf and hunting. right|

A laser rangefinder measures the distance between you and the target like a flag-stick or maybe bunker or any hazards.

If you are a beginner in golf and willing to pro become a short amount of time, then totally worth buying golf laser rangefinder.

Also, you know golf is all about the distance and accuracy of your swings and shots. And your ability to take the right club for a particular range.

Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide: Ultimate Explanation 

Before you buy a Golf Laser Rangefinder, you should keep in mind some factors and features of the laser rangefinder accordingly to your requirements.

Like, first of all, Accuracy and Range, Scan Mode, Slope, Ease of use, Magnification, Durable, Lightweight & Compact, Waterproof & Fogproof, Readability, Battery Life, and last is Warranty(with return policy).

Now, discuss each of the factors and features one by one, so you are more familiar with a Laser rangefinder.

Accuracy and Range

When it comes to accuracy, it is a significant part of the distance measuring tools like laser rangefinder or whatever.

Almost, laser rangefinder distance measure with a +/- 1 Yard of accuracy, but it’s not a truth for the cheap laser rangefinder.

If you want accurate distance reading as possible, then you have to invest more bucks rather than a cheaper one.

As I mention, a laser rangefinder is more accurate than the GPS rangefinder because a laser rangefinder used high-level technology.

GPS rangefinders show you old data captured by the satellite and google and, it’s not accurate sometimes.

Apart from that, GPS rangefinders costly than the laser rangefinder, in a long time of period. 

Also, you have to renew your subscription every month or yearly based on your plans.

Also, the range is essential for Laser Rangefinders, so try to go with at least 500 to 600 Yards golf rangefinder.

Many laser rangefinders have a short-range so, do check the double-time when you are going to buy.

Scan Mode

This mode is quite essential if you are want to know how far you are from trees, bunker, and water hazards, or many objects at the same time.

Now, how you do that?

Just press the Scan Mode and move your laser rangefinder around the object which you want to know of these targets.

And you will see this reading on your LCD screen with accurate yardage.

Scan Mode is a useful feature when you are practicing for competitions and tournaments.

Many cheap laser rangefinders did not provide Scan Mode, make sure your laser rangefinder contained scan mode.


Presently, PGA Tour allows without slope laser rangefinders in the tournament according to the rules.

So, you can use a laser rangefinder in tournaments without any problem.

What is a slope in golf rangefinder?

The slope is another useful feature of a laser rangefinder. Slope mode will give incline and decline distance of your targets.

Apart from this, you can find the exact distance between you and the flagstick, when you are hitting shots incline or decline range by using slope mode.

 I do recommend going with slope mode providing laser rangefinder for better experiance.

Ease of use

The most laser rangefinder is easy to use them just because of simple upper and side buttons and other few clicks.

If you are buying laser rangefinder that will be not user friendly, then it’s the money-wasting deal. Right|

But don’t worry a most of the laser rangefinders are easy to use. Ideally, what you have do is press the power button on top, and you ready to go.

The laser rangefinder is not rocket science to use, so don’t panic to use it.

Just practice with a laser rangefinder in your couple of rounds, and you are familiar within a few minutes.


More magnification in your laser rangefinder more clear you able to view your target.

At this present, in markets, many golf laser rangefinders have come with a maximum of seven times magnification.

And it’s more than sufficient for golf and hunting or other activity.

All of golf laser rangefinders bring with 5 to 7-time magnifications. I recommend going with above 6X for all kinds of pursuit.


Generally, cheaper laser rangefinders made by plastics and other things, so don’t expect high durability from them.

Many expensive companies like Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, and Callaway make their rangefinder with the help of metal and alloy.

But they are not lightweight compared to the cheapest golf rangefinder. And weight is around 400 to 500 grams.

Usually, the golf laser rangefinder is durable for a few scratches and some dropdowns, so you don’t worry about them.

Lightweight & Compact

If you are one of those who walks around the golf course when playing, then you should use lightweight and compact rangefinder.

Which completely fits in your pocket and golf bag. Apart from that, if your hand is small compare to the average, then you should use a compact rangefinder.

Also, lightweight devices are comfortable to carry and easily transportable.

Remember, if your device a little bit of large, then it’s not deal-breaking, Although you get more accurate readings from that.

Waterproof & Fog-proof

Oh, I love waterproof devices because you don’t have to worry about if some drop of water upon them.

Some laser rangefinder doesn’t work on foggy seasons due to lake of functionality.

Therefore, a check-in product description is your laser rangefinder Fogproof or not.

If you lived in wet regions, then chances are you facing rain most times also, fogginess.

In this scenario, you have to choose waterproof and fog proof laser rangefinders.

Do remember, all golf laser rangefinders are not 100%, so you have use carefully also, they come with a waterproof case.


There is a variation in readability. I noticed that devices with Red and Black numbers are more comfortable to read and see them.

Unfortunately, you have to pay more for that feature.

But, there is no big problem with readability, because they have come with an LCD panel.

Battery Life

In most cases, you don’t have to choose on battery types, either you go with CR2 or Rechargeable.

Here, no more choice on battery for particular models like smartphones or other digital devices.

If your laser rangefinder has a CR2 battery, then you don’t worry for almost one year. 

Also, it depends on your uses how many times you use per rounds. And you can buy on any nearby store.

Ideally, rechargeable batteries have 700 to 800mAh watt power, so its more than enough a couple of rounds.

Even though, they come with a USB cable so you can recharge at any time.

But I always prefer a rechargeable battery.


Let’s imagine your laser rangefinder does not work after 10 to 20 days, then what you do?

Definitely, you return it. Right

Many laser rangefinder companies offer 30 days return policy(guarantee) via amazon. Sounds good.

So always prefer to buy on the trusted website(stores) like Amazon, Wallmart, and eBay.

Also, they are providing 2 years warranty and live email support for technical issues.

Warranty is an essential part of any electronic device for the future-proofing agreement.

Additional Features 

Laser rangefinders companies improve their device by adding extra technology.

Like JOLT(Rangefinder vibrate when you locked onto flagstick), Pinseeker, Pinsenser, TGR, Club selector, and more.

So do check these features on your new laser rangefinder device is it available or not.

TGR andClub selector function helps you to select the right club based on your distance.


I hope this ultimate Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide will help to choose the best laser rangefinder for golf and hunting.

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So its help many peoples like you to gain better knowledge about golf rangefinder and how they improve golf by using a proper way.

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