Garmin approach s2 review

Garmin Approach s2 is a golf watch that keeps records of your score and gives the distance to doglegs and layup spots. For a standard golf watch, it is fairly good. It is comfortable as it is made of plastic and very simple to use. You do not have to be a pro to use it. Below are the features that make the Garmin approach s2 watch, its pros and cons.

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses


It has four different modes. These include the hole view, layup view, measurement view and the time mode. The Hole view gives you the distance to the front, center and back of the green and informs you of the hole you are on. The Layup view gives the distance to different layup and doglet spots on the hole. The measurement view gives you the distance of shots taken. Then the time mode gives you the current date and time. These modes, however, fail to show how distant the hazards are. The accuracy is impressive. 

It has a black and white screen which is easy to view. The backlight does not deactivate quickly, it stays on for some time. The moment you move to the next hole, it automatically advances and you can still re-visit the previous hole by pressing the up or down arrows. You have the freedom to change the measurement unit, language and tones. 

Overall performance

The performance is fair although the power source is a bit inconvenient to the user. The GPS makes it last in a short period of time although using it as a normal watch lasts for weeks. However, you cannot have it just as a watch because that is not its function.

Measurement range

It has a yardage finder which plays an important role in controlling distance. It is very good at measuring shot distances. 

Tips on how to get the best out of it

  • It would have been better if it was able to position the flagstick on the green for an accurate distance
  • Make sure that you sync the device for updates

Power Source

The watch is rechargeable but you cannot go for a second round. It needs recharging after every round which is a bit inconvenient for the user. You need an extra device in the form of a power bank whenever you are going out. It takes three hours to fully charge the watch and when it is full you get a notification.


It comes in the form of a watch which is easy to handle. You just put it around your wrist and you may even hold it if you do not want to put it around your wrist. It has a plastic housing and is comfortable on your wrist. 

Ease of use

It is very easy to use and set up. You cannot struggle setting it up because all you need is to fully charge it and turn it on and you are good to go. All the courses that you need are already programmed in the device. You do not need to install a course first before use. It has more than 30,000 courses and you can rarely miss the one you want. You have the chance to try out new courses even if you have the ones that suit your needs.

 It does not take a lot of time to search for a course. Just a few seconds it will pop up. It is always giving you updates on the latest courses. All you need to do is to download the Garmin app from their website, connect your GPS to your pc then download. As simple as that. It has a smaller screen and it comes in the form of a watch.

It comes with four buttons that are very easy to use but they might be a lot to some users. Each and every button has its function which makes it easier. All you have to do is turn it on, select menu, select start your round and then you go for the course you want. A watch is easy to operate and simple to navigate.


  • No additional fees for the updates
  • Easy to use and setup
  • The course selection offers you unlimited options
  • Waterproof
  • Auto-advance


  • Short battery life
  • It does not show the distance to hazards

I do recommend the Garmin s2 as a good device. It is ideal for golf players. Besides the fact that you can still get another device with more features, the S2 is not that bad. It is fairly good. It is accurate and offers numerous courses. You may have to compare with other models if it does not suit your needs. I give it a 4.1 star.

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