What Are The Features Of The Best Golf Rangefinder?

Without rangefinder playing golf in a new course is like you finding the treasure without a map in the whole world.

If you are thinking to purchase a brand new golf laser rangefinder then you may have a question what are the Features Of The Best Golf Rangefinder?

Or what I expect from the my brand new golf laser rangefinder? Right.

For these questions, I am here to give you comprehensive answers so you are confident about your golf rangefinder and get what you paying.

So without wasting any time move into features of the golf rangefinder.

Here are the Features of the Best Golf Rangefinder.

  • Accuracy & Range
  • Different Modes & Technology
  • Magnification
  • Waterproof & Fog-proof
  • Readability
  • Lightweight

Accuracy & Range

The accuracy is one of the significant factors in the Golf Laser Rangefinder. Because you are buying a rangefinder for precise distance so you can get a clear idea about how far you are.

Mostly, all rangefinders company say our laser rangefinder is accuracy is +/- 1 yard but that’s not true.

If you buying the cheapest golf laser rangefinder then you have to compromise in the accuracy. Not for all rangefinder but most of.

So make sure read the Rangefinder description when you purchasing a new golf rangefinder.

Now, if we talking about the Range of the golf rangefinder then all have different ranges. Normally, this range is between 5 to 1000 yardage.

600 yardage is more than enough for golfing but you may use laser rangefinder for shooting or hunting then obviously you need more extra range.

In nutshell, Accuracy is key features in the golf laser rangefinder, you have to see prime accuracy in each golf rangefinder.

Different Modes & Technology

The second most important feature is Different mode and Technology because without tech how would be rangefinder gives you accurate results.

In flagship, laser rangefinder comes with a high performing technology like Pinseeker, PinHunter, JOLT, TGR, multi-distance ability, ARC, and more.

These all are the technology that provides you absolute accuracy, Slope mode, and so on that’s improve your shot and swing day by day.

If you are a beginner in the golfing or first-time rangefinder user then JOLT tech will provide you haptic feedback when you lock onto flagstick in form of vibration.

If you are confused in the club selection then here’s the TGR tech will help you for club selection when you find a distance on the rangefinder screen, it depends on how far you are.

Normally, the best golf rangefinder comes with 3 different modes. General mode, slope mode, speed mode.

Each mode is distended for various purposes if you want to find normal distance than select General mode and if you want to slope-adjust distance between you and green than go choose slope mode.

There are few people who use speed mode for car racing and other activities for car speed measurement. Let me know in the comment which mode you love.


Most golf laser rangefinder comes with a 6X magnification if you buying expensive then you get 7 times magnification and the cheapest golf rangefinder comes with a 5X magnification.

Higher Magnification gives you a clear view of the golf course and ground. My recommendation is to go with the upper 6X magnification.

Waterproof & Fog-proof

If you are play golf in rainy and foggy terrain then you need a waterproof golf rangefinder.

In the market, there are so many golf laser rangefinder has a waterproof and dustproof technology so can leverage into your golf course.

But there is no 100% guaranty to work golf rangefinder in underwater.


Having an Outstanding screen on the golf rangefinder is provide you a better experience, right।

So try to go with a high-performing LCD display which normally comes in the best golf rangefinder.

Cheap golf rangefinder has a low-quality Display so it stops working at a few months.


We always prefer Lightweight products because it is easy to transport
and carry, you agree with me, right.

There are many Golf laser rangefinders a Lightweight and compact. Generally, the weight of golf laser rangefinder is around 153 to 160 grams which is less than a smartphone weight.

Final Thought

So these are some Features Of The Best Golf Rangefinder. Now, you have may equation about How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder so I wrote a complete guide on this topic make sure you do check this out before you buy any golf rangefinder.

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