Do You Need A Rangefinder For Golf?

If you are a beginner in golfing than you should have a golf laser rangefinder. The reason is simple, you don’t know about the golf course and probably you don’t know how far you are from flagstick and green.

If you want to improve your golfing being soon then I highly recommend a golf laser rangefinder in your golf bag.

Remember, golf is all about yardage and distance, therefore you can not play golf without knowing how far you are.

Let’s assume, you think the distance between you and green is 160 Yard and subsequent you hit the ball but it not close to the green, why?

Because the actual distance is 170 Yard by the laser rangefinder, the problem is you assume 160 Yard, now tell me how you play a perfect swing.

Thanks to the slope mode in the laser rangefinder, you can find the actual distance between you and the green or flagstick by the slope mode.

There are tons of benefits and features having the best golf laser rangefinder in your golf game.

For example, a laser rangefinder is not only for finding a range although you can you for car speed measuring, birdwatching, hunting, and other stuff.

Do You Need A Rangefinder For Golf?

The straight forward answer is yes if you are willing to play golf as seriously. The golf is all about distance so you should have a laser rangefinder, that’ll tell you how far you are and which club you need to use for a particular distance. Especially if you are a beginner or intermediate in golf.

Here are some reasons, why you should have a laser rangefinder in the golf course?

  • For accurate distance
  • For club suggestions
  • Multiple uses

For accurate distance

Obviously, you want to know how far you are from the green so can take shot for a particular distance, you agree with me|

The Laser Rangefinder provides you the accurate distance between you and the flagstick. Also, a laser rangefinder is more accurate than a GPS rangefinder.

Watch the video if you don’t believe.

For club suggestions

Some laser rangefinder like Leupold GX-2 Digital Golf Rangefinder comes with a TGR technology.

Here, TGR features will help you with club selection for an appropriate distance, seriously.

Yes, you heard me right. If you are struggling to choose a club for a perfect swing, then TGR is your best friend into laser rangefinder.

This feature did not come with a cheap laser rangefinder, you have to pay some extra for TGR function and its definitely worth it, in my opinion.

Multiple uses

In my point of view, all golfers have some extra hobbies like hunting, bird watching, shooting, and last but not least car racing.

For these purposes, you should have some useful tools like Laser Rangefinder that provide you additional experience in your entertainment.

Therefore, you can use a laser rangefinder for multi-purpose.

Now, if you are sure to buy the laser rangefinder, then check the best golf rangefinder under $200. If you have still doubt then fill free to write in the comment box also, don’t forget to share this post on social media.

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