Bushnell Trophy 800 Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell trophy 800 rangefinder is both a long range rangefinder and a rangefinder with an arc. It measures up to 850 yards which is usually the maximum distance of standard hunters.

As much as using the rangefinder comes with some disadvantages, its advantages are of much importance as they make the hunting experience successful, easy and satisfactory. If a hunter is to complain, it is not the rangefinder’s problem but there could be something wrong done by the hunter.

Bushnell Trophy 800 Rangefinder


It is well known for its uncontested accuracy which is made possible by the microprocessor. Its accuracy is within a single yard which is impressive. The Angle Range Compensation instills confidence to the user. It gives an auto update of the distance calculated.

The distance measurement given is from the rangefinder to the target. Definitely, you will not miss a perfect shot. A full-spectrum targeting feature makes sure that dark and non-reflective targets are clearly visible even during the dark. It works well in the dark.


It has good optics that produce clear, crispy images. The Vivid Display Technology helps you achieve an improved contrast and light transmission.

Measurement range

It ranges a distance of 7 to 850 yards. It is considered as a long distance rangefinder.  

Power Source

For the rangefinder to start working, you need a 3-volt battery which comes in the package of the rangefinder. It can be used for a period of 1 year and you might need to replace it after that period. The battery icon is always on the display so that the device does not just switch off but you will be aware of the battery status every time. You do not have to press any button for your battery status.


It is light in weight and it weighs . The device has a solid feeling which makes it easy to hold and very comfortable. When you are holding it, you do not have to worry about dropping it. It has an arc that allows you to hold the rangefinder with your palm. It has some rubber grips that allows you to hold it perfectly without slipping off. It easily fits in your pockets.

Ease of use

The Bushnell trophy 800 rangefinder is not complicated to operate. When you want to take a range, you just depress and keep holding the Fire button. If you are not satisfied with the displayed range reading, you may need to rotate the eyecup in any direction for a clear vision.

You have 15 seconds to read the displayed range because after this period the display automatically switches off. Whenever you want a new target you just repeat the process and to activate the Scan mode, you hold down the same button for about 3 seconds and you will be able to range multiple objects with the button depressed.  

You can choose to measure in yards or meters. The Bushnell trophy 800 is also considered as a rangefinder with arc. It has a built-in inclinometer which makes hunting easier be it with uphill or downhill angles. The angle compensation mode works hand in glove with the line of sight distance. This combination brings out true horizontal distance. 

There are three modes that the rangefinder can choose from to achieve a clean, precise shot. These include the Standard mode, Bulls eye and Brush mode. The standard mode has an automatic scan that brings multiple targets on the display as you move from one object to the other.

The Bullseye mode pays more attention to tiny objects and tends to ignore background targets. The Brush mode ignores closer objects that are also regarded as destructions and pays more attention to background objects.   


The housing is resistant to water. It is made up of a durable metallic case. 


  • Water resistant
  • Easy to operate with a single button
  • Faster and accurate
  • It gives you the liberty of choosing the perfect mode
  • Great optics
  • Stability is guaranteed


  • The single button can lead you to other settings when you have not mastered how it functions which might be time consuming and confusing
  • Its highly upgraded features might not be ideal for amateurs

I do recommend the Bushnell trophy rangefinder for any type of hunter. It has quite impressive and highly upgraded features that make it so impossible to make a miss. I rate it to 4.8 stars.

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