Bushnell Prime 1300 Review

Bushnell prime 1300 is an advanced Bushnell series characterized by a series of great features. The moment you set your eyes on it, you will be impressed by the improved all-glass optical system, fully multi-coated lenses, 6 power optical magnification, user-selectable reticle and the ultra-slick coating. It is lightweight. It offers up to a 2x  brighter viewing experience which is quite satisfactory in the hunting experience. 

Bushnell LP1300SBL Hunting Optics Binoculars


How accurate is this rangefinder?

Accuracy is attained by utilizing a number of features that makes up a Bushnell Prime 1300. These include the Angle Range Compensation, speed, the Brush mode and Bullseye mode and a continuous scan mode. It updates a range of 4x per second for fast and reliable range.

You cannot afford to have a slow rangefinder and rely on it as a serious hunter. You need to consider having a competitive device which is as fast as you desire a perfect shot and a satisfactory hunting expedition as a whole. A slow rangefinder makes everything slow. In this case, the Bushnell Prime 1300 is considered to be very fast in the manner it delivers reliable ranging. 

It is also known as a rangefinder with ARC technology. ARC is the Angle Range Compensation that gives you and calculates not just distance but true distance to target on both uphill and down shots. No matter how much you are good at aiming, you cannot rely on that when it comes to hunting. That experience is better used as a skill not a tactic you can rely on without the use of a specific gadget.

The Brush and Bullseye mode are special features that make the attainment of true distance a reality. The Brush mode ignores foreground objects and provides distances to background objects only. Bull’s eye mode acquires the distances of small targets without accidentally measuring background object distances. The continuous scan mode updates target distances 4x per second whilst the target is moving.


Bush Prime 1300 has an improved all-glass optical system and fully multi-coated lenses with Ultra-Wide- Band. These special features have managed to bring forward clear images with true-to-life colors. It is strain free as it improves vision. You should be comfortable when you view through the eyepiece. It removes unnecessary reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eye-glass lenses, that is if you wear glasses.

Overall performance

The clear images that come with the Bush Prime 1300 adds up to accuracy and successful shots. Lens are the heart of a rangefinder. Poor optics give you a fruitless and miserable hunting experience.

Measurement range

What sort of distance does it measure?

The maximum range is 1,300 which is quite long. This is perfect on long distance hunting. The reflective range is 1300YDS/1189M, tree range is 800YDS/732M and deer range 600YDS/549M.

Tips that I found on how to get the best out of it

The best distance to use a Bushnell Prime 1300 is long distances since it can reach as far as 1,300 yards. Since it is not water resistant, I advise you to use it under normal conditions.

Power Source

It has the standard and common CR2 battery which is easy to replace.


It is very light and it fits comfortably in the hand. It is compact and portable to the extent that you can just put it into your pocket. It is also secure as most of the body is covered with lightly textured rubber armor.


Ease of use

How complicated is it to use?

It is easy to operate as is a one-button operation. There is only one button which makes the operation simple and less complicated. Simplicity and ease are key when it comes to hunting. The continuous scan mode works well and it is fast and accurate.


  • Improved all-glass optical system
  • Fully-coated lenses
  • Clear images
  • Maximum range 1,300
  • Exclusive Angle Range Compensation
  • Bush mode and Bullseye mode
  • Continuous scan mode
  • User selectable reticle
  • Ultra-slick coating on exterior lens surfaces
  • One hand operation


  • Not water resistant
  • No lanyard

I highly recommend dedicated hunters to use the Bushnell Prime 1300 rangefinder. 4.5 is my rating despite the fact that it is not waterproof and does not come with a lanyard. It is ideal for rifle hunters, bowhunters and for target shooting.

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