Bozily VPRO X1 Golf Rangefinder Review 2020: Worth for Money?

Hey, do you wanna hear something cool, a couple of years ago I was frustrated when my golf shot was not accurate then I started using bozily golf rangefinder.

It boosted my game and now I boastfully suppose I am playing better than my golf mate, if you are passionate about your golf game then you have to use bozily rangefinder.

And in this Bozily golf rangefinder review, you will find benefits of this rangefinder.

Bozily VPRO X1 Golf Rangefinder

I explained all information about the Bozily golf rangefinder on this page that you want to know. It’s essential when you invest in something, right.

If thou looking for a golf rangefinder that Inexpensive and Accurate then, Bozily Golf Rangefinder is perfect for you because it’s very accurate, Durable, and Lightweight. It has four different modes alike General mode, Golf mode, Vertical mode, Speed mode, and measures up to 1000 Yards with +/- 1 Yard accuracy.

In this Bozily golf rangefinder review, I am taking about the Bozily model VPRO X1 which is pretty fast and accurate at an affordable price.

Bozily VPRO X1 Golf Rangefinder comes with many interesting features and modes. You will know all details step by step in this Bozily rangefinder review therefore, read till to the end.

Bozily VPRO X1: First Impressions and Overview

It comes with an HD camera, 6X Magnification, 7-degree field angle, 905nm laser type, LCD Digital display, and 4 scan modes.

The accuracy is ±1 yards which are common for all golf rangefinder and you can not use this Bozily VPRO X1 for a tournament because of slope mode.

This golf rangefinder is used by many golfers and hunters for their multiple purposes like climbing, racing, bird watching, and shooting.

In golf obviously, you gonna use for distance measurement and slope sometimes. Now you can use for hunting because it measures up to 1000 yards and its more than sufficient for golf.

And surely, you can use for hunting and shooting, here it has an extra mode which is a speed mode, therefore your rangefinder able to measure the speed up to 20-300KM/H.

Bozily VPRO X1 is made by Plastic outer cover so it’s lightweight as compare to alloy golf rangefinder. I described the durability in the middle of the article.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Basically, I am interested in some of the main features like Accuracy, Different Modes, Durability, Lightweight, and last but not least Warranty.

So we are concentrating on the above factors and let’s begin in-depth details about the main part on Bozily VPRO X1 golf rangefinder so you are more familiar with it.

➥ Accuracy & Range

Accuracy is one of the significant factors in golf rangefinder because you are dealing with distance so you need extremely actual data on your screen. You agree with me, right.

This one is pretty fast and immediately show you measuring reading on your screen within 0.5 to 1 seconds.

If we talking about the accuracy maximum range measurement then it will give you results up to 5-1000 yards with ±1 accurate.

If you are a hunter then you can use assuredly and 500 yards I think is more than enough for golfing.

➥ Different Modes

This VPRO X1 golf rangefinder has four different modes which are used specific objectives and multiple demands.

The first one is General mode that meant for space original distance which is not best for golf. Because here you measure only distance with no slope.

The second slope mode will provide you the angle and slope-adjusted distance between you and flagstick which means it gives you the exact distance which you need to perform a perfect golf swing.

And the JOLT technology assists when you lock-on Flag it gives you a little bit vibration signal. It’s more helpful for an inexperienced and beginner golfer.

A third vertical mode gives you vertical and horizontal distance range and the last forth one is for speed measure up to 20-300KM/H which is most people don’t use.

➥ View & Vision

Bozily Golf Rangefinder occurs 6X magnification and HD camera including an LCD display.

So it gives you a clear view of your measuring readings, I personally very satisfied with this display and magnification.

➥Durable & Waterproof

The Bozily golf rangefinder is not extremely durable because it’s made by plastic and other stuff. Therefore, carefully use.

You can not expect strong durability and if we talking about water resistance then it may surprise you.

Why? many golf rangefinder arrives with non-waterproof but this one has come with waterproof and dust resistance technology.

Also, it comes with a nice cover case so that protects your rangefinder from little scratches and falls.

➥Lightweight & Portable

Lightweight things are easy to carry and transportable in this case, it has only 184g so, think how it lightweight and Compact.

The dimension of the VPRO X1 is 103*39*72mm it is user-friendly and easy to fit in your pocket or golf bag.

I was slightly disappointed that you couldn’t have like a snap or velcro double layer or something to be fitted to detach this strap and be able to attach in onto something, I like to hang my rangefinder on my gear cart.


Now we are talking about a warranty that you need to know because you are investing your capital, right.

This VPRO X1 gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee via amazon including the return policy so it’s totally risk-free.

But in the rare situation, you may disappoint with this Bozily golf rangefinder.

Nevertheless, you have any queries or problems then you can email a manufacturing company or contact support system they will help you at any time.

Now jump into the pros and cons because I think every product is not perfect, it has some benefits and some faults.

  • 1000Yds Measurement
  • Waterproof & Fog Resistant
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Fast Focus System
  • Easy Distance Reading
  • 2-year warranty
  • 24-hour mail reply service
  • Affordable compared to an Expensive device
  • Risk-free 30 days return and refund via Amazon
  • Not for Tournaments
  • No solid finishing
  • A long-distance claim it may sometimes unreliable

What’s the Price of Bozily Golf Rangefinder VPRO X1?

This golf rangefinder cost is $$$ you can find this rangefinder on a trusted shopping website, I recommended here.

Do I Recommend Bozily VPRO X1 Rangefinder?

Absolutely yes, I recommend Bozily VPRO X1 Rangefinder.

The reason is you get lot of things out of the box like 2x CR2 Battery, Carrying Case, One Carabiner, Lanyard, Cleaning Cloth with User Manual.

If you’re going through this comprehensive review, you might already have fallen in love with Bozily golf rangefinder.

It’s perfect for people who want to improve their golf game to the next level and seasoned golfers.

Moreover more than that this rangefinder is competing with an expensive golf rangefinder like Bushnell and Vortex and of course many, and advanced Pinseeker and JOLT technology which are premium features.


How is the speed of this product ?

Quite fast and accurate, the same as Nikon and Bushnell Golf Rangefinder.

Will this unit compensate both for incline and decline slopes?

Yes, buddy. This rangefinder compensates both for incline and decline slopes within ±45°.

Does it come with instructions ?

Yes. Detailed instructions included. Also very easy to use.

What is the best golf rangefinder for the money?

The complete list is over here, or you can find this list by clicking here with full details.
1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Laser Rangefinder
2. Anyork Golf Lasser Rangefinder
3. Bozily Golf Laser Rangefinder
4. Leupold GX-1i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder
5. Profey Golf Laser Rangefinder

Does it keep accurate reading aways?

The max range distance is 1000 Yds which means you will get accurate readings under 1000 yards with ±1 accuracy. So please ensure that your mark in the range.

What’s will I get in the box?

1x Golf Rangefinder, 2x CR2 Battery, 1x Carrying Case, 1x Carabiner, 1x Lanyard, 1x Cleaning Cloth, 1x User Manual, 1x Color Box.

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